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Method's Demonstration

No description

Neyvis Mendoza

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Method's Demonstration


Lesson: Write a short essay on the Mayas' technology and if we still use it today
Drafting Your Essay...
Revising Writing
Writing Process
- Christie Gerlach - Tekla Mayotte
- Trenton Barrow - Joe Scibilia
- Neyvis Mendoza

Objectives: Compare the Mayas civilizations and today's technology
Essay Structure

Can be as easy as eating a burger!

Now you have created a Hamburger Essay of Epic Proportions

The Hamburger Paragraph

Day 1
What did the Mayas create that we still use in modern times?
Day 2

Day 3
Day 4
Sharing and Responding to Writing
Get in your groups and use POP - to respond to your classmate's work. Give
ositive feedback,
bservation to clarify meaning, and suggestions to
Different symbols

Get your papers and use the feedback from your partners to make changes that you feel are important.
Publish your final work and present to your classmates
Writing is a process
Writing Workshop Model- is used as a best practice
Use of Graphic Organizers
Use of Mentor Essay
Use of Visuals
Additional Assistance for ESOL student
Highlight main ideas
Circle vocabulary words
Teacher/ Student Conferences throughout the writing process
Group work for research and feedback
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