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The Canterbury Tales: The Oxford Cleric

No description

Suha Mehmood

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales: The Oxford Cleric

-a clerk keeps records and is a member of the clergy. The Oxford Cleric The Oxford Cleric
Appearance Commoner
A Student
Not too Fat
Wears thin, short, upper coat- isn't rich
Has a hollow look and Sober Stare- he was very thin and had a moderate diet. Intelligent The Oxford Cleric
Personality Traits The Clerics Tale The Cleric's tale teaches people to stay patient, calm, and faithful no matter how difficult the situation. The Cleric's Tale -Spends his time learning Aristotle's philosophy. However hasn't found the stone for gold. High ranked in Character -The Cleric does not say much, however when he does speak , his speech has a moral Respectful to the Extreme The Cleric tells a tale he once learned from a worthy scholar Cleric tells a tale of an Italian noble man, Walter, who did not want to marry He married Griselda, a lower class women. After she became Queen, Walter tested her loyalty. 1. He told Griselda that their first daughter died.
2. He Told Griselda their second child, a boy, died
3. Walter demanded a divorce from Griselda to his new fiancé. Griselda passed all 3 test. She remained patient and faithful. The tale is in response to the Wife Of Baths who said: "it is an impossibility that any clerk will speak good of women..." Although the Clerk is quiet, he focus's on what others say revealing he is thoughtful and wise. Similar to the lawyer, however he does not strive for wealth. Cast
"The Canterbury Tales" The Oxford Cleric........................Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield: Always seen studying
replies with intelligent answers
thin; "hollow"
isn't wealthy
is British Not a member of the church
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