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The Footsteps Of My Life

No description

Cade Lemmer

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Footsteps Of My Life

The Footsteps Of My Life
By Cade Lemmer

I play a lot of sports like hockey i go a lot of places for hockey i also play baseball town league, same with football,i also do track. I like to hunt and fish too.
My name is Cade I was born in Rhinelander on January 18 2002, am 11 years young. I have brownish green eyes and black hair.
My Prezi
family info
My moms name is Heidi my dads name is Craig. My mom dyes here hair a lot and my dad wants me to get a good hockey career. Brothers name is Conrad he is 26. My sisters name is Chloe and is 15 my brother used to drive stock cars, and my sister goes to freinds house a lot.
school activitys

4th Math
2nd litature
1st Language Arts
3rd social studies
Hatchet logo
Favorite Things To Do
My favorite sport is hockey because it is competitive and fun to play. My favorite team is the Chicago Blackhawks because they won the Stanley cup and I played on the Jr team. My favorite athlete is Pavel Datsuke. I like him because i think he is the best player.

Favorite Info
My favorite song is Remember The Name

My favorite movie is Pitch perfect

My favorite food is salmon
What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
I want to be a NHL hockey player and my back up plan I would want to be a game warden.
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