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Design Consults Intro for Homeowners and CBOs

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LaVerne Peakes

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Design Consults Intro for Homeowners and CBOs

The Design Center is a non-profit organization that advocates for the value of good design, planning and public policy to support more livable and sustainable communities in the Pittsburgh region.

The Design Center envisions a region where design is accessible, valued and celebrated throughout diverse and connected communities. The program is open to residential, commercial and non-profit property owners within the City of Pittsburgh and core city suburbs.

Any property owner with a signed sales agreement within this geographic area qualifies for a consultation.

Consultations for prospective property owners are considered on a case-by-case basis. Because the consultant is not under a professional service contract, he or she cannot:

* Provide more than a general range of probable cost

* Advise on which contractor to use

* Advise whether or not to sign a contract with a contractor

* Arbitrate between the property owner and the contractor

* Provide a written scope of work or drawings

* Identify code, maintenance and permitting issues

* Estimate a general budget

* Recommend how best to phase property improvements

* Clarify project goals and priorities

* Explore design feasibility

* Understand terminology that may be useful in communicating with a contractor

* Identify significant design elements and how to maintain those when making improvements We accomplish this by:
1. providing technical support, grants, and connections to improve sites and buildings;

2. engaging and motivating individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods; and

3. investing in the early stages of community planning and project development. Design Fund awards competitive "early action" grants to community organizations to hire architects, planners, landscape architects, and other design professionals to assist in the initial phase of improvements to their neighborhoods. DESIGNFUND Program eligibility DESIGNALLIES Design Allies connects people with design and planning ideas by engaging them with public policy issues; offering lecture, film, and educational opportunities; and promoting dialogue via social media. PROGRAMS DESIGNCONSULTS Design Consults matches homeowners and commercial property owners with an architect, landscape architect, or interior designer to provide an on-site consultation in advance of remodeling or renovation. DESIGNALLIES DESIGNCONSULTS DESIGNFUND Since 1996, the Design Consults program has matched close to 2,000 property owners with volunteer architects, landscape architects, and interior designers for affordable renovation consultations.

Design Consults has influenced an estimated $9.5 million in residential and commercial renovations. A one-on-one, on-site consultation with a design professional enables you to consider all your renovation options and make a well-informed investment in your property.

A well-planned investment has the potential to increase the value of your property through sound design choices. Inspiring Pittsburgh to create vibrant communities. DESIGNCONSULTS Consultation Types Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Interior Design Small Business Residential
Small Business
PERMITTING ISSUES NEXT STEPS OUTSTANDING QUESTIONS Program participants receive: An on-site consultation lasting up to 2 hours

A personalized Action Plan

A renovation resource guide Your design consultant will help you evaluate current property conditions, assess renovation feasibility, and explore design options. The consultation helps identify the best course for a renovation based on your needs and priorities.

your renovation roadmap!

local suppliers and resources to help put renovation plans into action NOTE: No drawings are produced as a result of a consultation. Design consultants Our consultants are professionals in their field. They can help to: DESIGNCONSULTS DESIGNCONSULTS www.designcenterpgh.org/design-consults
(412)391-4144 Property types Residential property owners pay between $25-$250

Small business owners pay between $150-$250

Non-profits pay between $150-$250 Program cost
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