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Ice Cube Lab

What material will an ice cube melt fastest on?

Allysa Pascoe

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Ice Cube Lab

Ice Cube Lab Problem What material makes ice melt the fastest? Made by,
Allysa What makes an ice cube melt? If we change the material from underneath the ice cube then they will melt at different speeds because certain materials conduct heat better. Hypothesis Independent variables black paper white paper plastic Wood and Dependent variable The ice will melt at different speeds Controls size of ice
in the same container
placed in the same amount of light Experimental Group black paper white paper wood plastic Control Group ice cube on no special material Conclusions I learned that ice cubes melt faster when they are exposed to the most air and not on a specific material. Observations The results were not what I thought they would be at all. Results In fact nothing turned out the way I thought it would. :( If I did this experiment again I would try it with different matirals. Black and White paper Wood and Plastic Ice cubes melt because the molecules inside the ice cube absorb heat energy which causes the molecules to move faster. Once the molecules start to move faster they start to vibrate and the molecules break apart. Ice will melt faster on the material that can conduct heat better. The more foreign particles on the surface the faster it will melt. The Experiment The reasults in this video were
not used for the observations
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