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RFID Case Study

No description

Ben Shaw

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of RFID Case Study

Supporting Hardware
System as a whole
Executive Summary
Analysis, Risks & Methodology
Centralized program management to ensure risk mitigation.
IT Manager
"El Jefe"
Data Analyst(s)
Business Processes
The overall implementation of the CATTS will increase the efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy of the process currently in place.
Field Operator
Team Prospector consists of Ben S., Susana R., Pablo D., Blair C. and Alex L. who authored the project.
El Jefe, the Chief of Police for Guatahonaga has let out an RFP for a wireless tracking solution.
CapForce is a software based solutions provider that begon this project April 04, 2013 and last updated April 22, 2013
Central American Target Tracking System (CATTS): Tracks any mobile vehicle or tactical subject.
Interactive map providing intelligence to analysts.
The system displays unique characteristics .
It will cross connect to the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) to populate external databases.
External databases: FBI Consolidated Counterdrug Database (CCDB), Central American Finger Print Exchange initiative (CAFÉ) and FBI Transnational Anti-Gang force (FBI TAG) and the CJTF.
Design Flexibility
Detailed ongoing engagement with the client
Early issue detection and course correction
CATTS will be a response to an RFP received from the Chief of Police for Guatahonaga to assist with their Counter Narcotic Operations. The RFP has been released for development of an RFID solution for surveillance missions.
Functional/Non-Functional Requirements & Traceability Matrix
Business, Security and Technology Risks
Security Risks
Business Risks
Technology Risks
Scope Creep
Misinterpreted requirements
Cultural Differences
Legal Regulations
Data Associated to Project
Level of Security
System Vulnerabilities
Threats from hackers
Latency and Throughput Rates
Qualified staff and contractors
Name: Rick “El Jefe” Grimes
Age: 58
Position: Director of Counter Narcotics Division of Mexico (CND)
- High-level Requirements
- Only needs the information he needs, no details
Name: Russell Wilson
Age: 33
Position: Senior IT Manager
- Infrastructure and system software
- Is the system operating properly?
Name: Claire Dunphy
Age: 35
Position: Senior Data/Intelligence Officer
Name: Juan García
Age: 30s
Position: Entry Level Data Officer

Functional Requirements
Traceability matrix
5.1.2.The system shall display the target information when the user double-clicks on the dot.
Non-Functional Requirements
5.1.10.The system shall display a green icon if the RFID is on the move.
5.1.5 The system shall display a circle when the RFID is attached to a car.
5.1.16.The system shall display which field agent tagged the vehicle when the user role is “el jefe”.
5.1.13.The system shall display a blue star that increases by 10% for every new RFID that joins the other vehicles.
5.2.1. The system shall use Google Maps to source the map tiles.
5.2.4. The system shall display the target information page in 50 milliseconds or less, when the pointer on the display hovers over the target marker.
5.2.10. The system shall refresh the information on the tracking screen once per second.
5.2.11. The system shall refresh the screen at the maximum rate of 250ms
5.2.14. The system shall be able to store information related to target intelligence in an encrypted format.
- Data collection and reporting
- Detailed functional and non-functional requirements for software
- Database management
Team Prospector:
Central American Target Tracking System (CATTS)
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