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Character Archtypes for the Maze Runner

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jarred lowe

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Character Archtypes for the Maze Runner

Throughout the maze runner, there are disfigured ceatures called "Grievers". These things have are described as ameoba like figures with needles containing poison that can kill anyone if not cured. Grievers are constantly seen throughout the book and are meant to kill the Gladers

Archetype One: The Creature of Nightmare
Archetype Three: The Outcast

The outcast in the book is Ben. He is the outcast because he has went through the "Changing" in pg.65 and has attacked our main character Thomas. His behavior has led him to being banished into the maze. Though his behavior was rough, it has led Thomas to some answers he was looking for.
Archetype Two: The Initiates

The initiates in "The Maze Runner" are the gladers. These are boys that go through physical and mental( mostly mental) training to figure out a way out of the maze. In the beginning of The Maze Runner, Thomas is the initiate along with many other boys.
Character Archetypes for the Maze Runner
Archetype 4: Supernatrural Intervention
There is supernatural intervention in the story. But instead of a deity or some being, these are humans. The Creators(as the gladers call them) are people who had sent the boys in the maze. The creators were revealed towards the end of the story and end up getting killed.

Archetype 5: The Scape Goat

The Scape Goat in The Maze Runner is the main character Thomas. It is revealed on between pages 250-260 that Thomas helped create the maze and he was subject to blame for the gladers that died in the maze.

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