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Calhoun Community College Printing System

No description

Gerald Jackson

on 11 July 2017

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Transcript of Calhoun Community College Printing System

There will usually be 2 printers next to the print station. Wait a few seconds and your copies will print from the 2 printers.

Always remember to click log off for your print card to be released. Please keep this card (you will not need to purchase another one). Treat it as a credit card that can be revalued :)

The Pharos Networked Student Printer Station will show your printing job.

This is the Print Manager (computer/monitor/keyboard)

_Click and highlight your job
_Then click on print
_A window will appear that will ask you for your password

Your password for example:

If it was 'jd' as in john doe; then type it in and click print or click the Enter button on the keyboard.

The Pharos Networked Student Printing Stations consist of 3 components.
The 1st: Printers
The 2nd: Print Manager (computer/monitor/keyboard)
The 3rd: Print Card Reader

Now, you please walk to the Pharos Networked Student Printing Station. The box to the right of the screen is located there is the Print Card Reader

_Please insert your card with the arrows pointing toward the print card reader
_You will see list of jobs will appear on the print station monitor
_Under the owner tab, you will see your job listed

After finishing your job of what you would like to print. The above white box will appear on your monitor.

Please enter a username and a password.

For example:

Your username could be:
john doe

Your password can be:

Click the Print Button to the lower right side of the white box.
Your print job has now been sent to the Pharos Networked Student Printing Station.
This is what your printing card will look like. It can be used and revalued from any of the Pharos Networked Student Printing Machines found on either Campus.

The directions for revaluing the card are located in the green signage just below the buttons.

To revalue:
_Insert the card in the top left side of the machine.
_Add value to your card using cash only. The machine will not give you change back if you use a $5.00 dollar bill or higher.

The last slide of this presentation will teach you much more about how to revalue your card.

The Pharos Networked Student Printing System works on both the Decatur Campus and Huntsville Research Park Campus.

Decatur Campus: Huntsville Campus:
_Library _Library
_Writing/Math Labs _Writing/Math Labs
_Noble Russell Building

To purchase a printing card you will need one dollar bill (cash only).

_Press the number 1 button on the keypad.
_Insert 1 dollar bill
_The card will dispense valued with $0.50 which will print 5 pages
_Each page is $0.10

Please do not purchase another card. The card can be revalued. 

Welcome to Calhoun Community College
Pharos Networked
Student Printing System

This slide show presentation will walk you through the steps of the college’s printing procedures

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, please find a Calhoun employee and we will be glad to assist you with any issues.

Calhoun Community College's
Pharos Networked Student Printing System

How To Revalue Your Card

Please return to the
Pharos Networked Student Print
Card Machine.

_Enter your print card in the top
left slot of the machine.
_You can now at this point enter you
bills (a 1 dollar bill or even if need be,
you can add a 5 dollar bill into the
selector at the bottom left side of the
machine), The michine will not give
change nor except coins.
_Once the you have entered the amount
needed for prints, then please touch
the letter 'D' for dispense on the
_You card is now ready for printing again
_If you have any questions, please ask :)
_Your print card works at six locations a the college
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