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Research Design

No description

Grace THOO

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of Research Design

Research Design
Roadmap for conducting the marketing research project
To test hypotheses and examine relationships
Causal Research
Cause-and-effect (causal) relationships
Descriptive Research
Describe market characteristics
Longitudinal Design
A fixed sample of population elements that is measured repeatedly
Explore the problem situation
Cross-Sectional Design
A snapshot of the marketplace taken at a specific point in time
Details of each step in the marketing research project
To gain ideas and insight into the problem
A research design will typically include how data is to be collected, what instruments will be employed, how the instruments will be used and the intended means for analyzing data collected
Research process is flexible and unstructured
Sample is small and nonrepresentative
The result is tentative and qualitative
Research process is formal and stuctured
Sample is large and representative
Data analysis is quantitative
Describe customer and measure the frequency of behaviours such as purchasing
Sales studies (Market share, sales analysis)
Consumer perception and behaviour studies (product usage, image, advertising, pricing)
Market characteristc studies (distribution, competitive analysis)
The selected group of respondents is measured only once
One-time collection of information from any given sample of population elements
Track the changes that take place over time
Track therapy practices over time
Manipulate the causal or independent variables in a controlled environment
Experiment: A promotional campaign will lead to (cause) an increase in sales
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