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Computer Literacy Expectations - Grade 7

No description

R. Calawerts

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Computer Literacy Expectations - Grade 7

 I can use exploration and my background knowledge to independently use technology. The goal of this class is for every student to be successful, independent learners on the computer. Technology is always
changing and so we need
to be able to change
with it. In order to be independent with technology, students need to try things for themselves, feel comfortable exploring new things, and be engaged during instruction. Attentive Listening
We will look at the person who is speaking.
We will position ourselves so the speaker knows we are attentive.
We will actively listen to understand the information. Mutual Respect
We will treat others the way we want to be treated. Appreciations/No Put-Downs
We will speak respectfully to others.
We will think of other people’s feelings. Appropriate Computer Use
We will treat the equipment carefully.
We will report any problem/damage.
We will focus on the task at hand.

*If you choose to seek out inappropriate information or watch someone else access inappropriate material you will earn a detention and may lose computer privileges. Class Work
Most work is completed during class time. If you attend class every day and use your work time productively, you will be able to finish all computer
work in class. Cheating
The following are the ways that DPMS teachers define cheating on the Redbird Academic Integrity Policy.
Using someone else’s words, work, and/or ideas and claiming them as your own.
Sharing your own words, work, and/or ideas on an assignment or project that was assigned to be done individually.
Being dishonest about work that has been turned in. Website
Everything you need for this class is posted on the computer literacy website.

Middle school website
Academic/Encore link
Computer Skills
Grade 7

If you are absent or missing work you can find it all here. There are also video tutorials to help you work independently. If you are absent or fall behind in your work: Class Expectations Learning Target It is our hope that students will put forth their best effort in every assignment and learn not just specific software but be able to apply their knowledge to any technology they encounter. three one three two two one Quality learning will take place if all students respect the following classroom agreements: The one skill you need to work on outside of class is keyboarding. In order to increase your words per minute and accuracy when you type, you will need to practice keyboarding throughout the quarter. This can be done during SRT or after school. Flash Drive
Saving to a flash drive allows you to transport work to and from home. You can purchase them at Wal-Mart, Target, or any electronic store. The recommended brand is Attache PNY. DO NOT use Sandisk. Study Lab
There is study lab in the LMC Monday through Thursday from 3:00 -4:00. There are plenty of available computers during this time. My Big Campus
You can upload a file into MBC at school and work on it at home. You need to remember to put the edited document back in MBC to have it at school.
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