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Study Skills-Spring 2015

No description

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Study Skills-Spring 2015

Contact Us
Goals of this Prezi:
In 1 week, if you take 15hrs....
Let's calculate:
To help you build good study habits for academic success
To supply you with a powerful set of strategies that can be used to promote your success in college and beyond
Study Skills
Keep it short
Sleep on it
Make it rhyme
Use your senses
Write it out 3-5 times

For example,PEMDAS: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

This is a mnemonic for order of operations in math equations:
Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract
Earn Your Spots:
Study Skills

Academic Advising Center

15hrs in class
45 hours study (15 x 3 study hours per credit)
20 hours employment (if you work)
20 hours family/friends time (less than 3 hours a day)
42 hours of sleep (6 hours per night)
Total 142 hours (out of 168 hours per week)

**You have 26 hours per week to spare!
Don't study more than one hour at a time without taking breaks.
Don't study when you're tired.
Memory Techniques-
Which Ones Work for YOU?
Appointment Booking
Meeting with your advising specialist is critical to your academic and career planning success. We've made scheduling an appointment a completely hassle-free experience!
Facebook and Calendar Integration
Never miss an appointment, deadline or event! Sync your appointments and events to your calendar and Facebook account!
Our office offers a variety of events like workshops and seminars throughout the year to help you with academic and "life" management.
Resource Library and Documents
Visit the multi-media Resource Library to view documents, images and other resources from our office. Find all your advising documents in your electronic file.
Academic Advising Center
Main 1.402
Find a comfortable place, but not so comfortable that you would fall asleep!
Make sure your lighting is good so that you don't get tired or drowsy.
Set your social media status to "Do Not Disturb" to alert people that you're busy and can't be interrupted right now.

Take good notes as you read... note taking is ACTIVE, not passive.
Use different colors of highlighters.
Prioritize which subjects you need attack first (usually the hardest ones!).
Clear your mind by setting aside time later for bills, friends, family, etc.
Schedule appropriate amount of time for each subject and stick to it.
Avoid distractions-find that quiet place.
Get some sleep!!!
Use Acronyms
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