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Sarah Goudy

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Mindset

Make a prediction:

An NFL team uses their first-round draft pick on a wide receiver, hoping that he will help them become a great team. In his rookie season, he drops 15 passes! Game 11 is particularly rough; he drops 2 passes, fumbles once, and only has one catch. Some fans and members of the media are calling for him to be benched or traded.
Based on what you know so far, write a one-sentence prediction about what this receiver's career will be like.
your brain's ability to grow and change over time
The Power of Mindset
fixed mindset:
when you believe that basic qualities such as intelligence and abilities are fixed and can't be changed
Growth vs. Fixed Mindset Statements
A student fails a math test; after failing, s/he could make the following statements. Which demonstrate a growth mindset? A fixed mindset? Complete in partners and review as a group. Make sure to say HOW/WHY you know it’s a fixed mindset or growth mindset statement.
MWA Experiment
Thank you!
3 volunteers
Jerry Rice
One of the greatest receivers of all time:
From goat to G.O.A.T.- how did he transform himself?
Most career touchdowns
Most career receptions
Most receiving yards gained
Today's Essential Questions
1. How do our brains grow and change?
2. What can I do to get "smarter"?
3. How does my mindset impact my achievement?

Raise your hand if...you've ever heard that smart people are born smart, and dumb people are born dumb.
Strengthening Your Brain
Inside the brain are billions of tiny cells called
When they branch out and connect with each other, that's what allows us to think and solve problems.
When you learn something new, these connections multiply and get stronger.
Your brain is like a muscle:
the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Hard work actually makes you smarter!
What are some real life examples?
Animals in different environments:
Animals who lived in a stimulating environment had more neural connections than animals in bare cages. Their brains weighed 10% more, and they were "smarter"- better at solving problems and learning new things!
Ballerinas, musicians, and more

can concentrate more easily and ignore distractions
has denser gray matter in the left hemisphere
has increased activity in the prefrontal cortex
resists Alzheimer's and dementia 4 years longer than monolinguals
A Bilingual Brain:
Key Ideas
your brain can change and grow with EFFORT, PRACTICE and REPETITION
do not underestimate the amount of practice it will take
Written Reflection and Pair-Share
What's a bad habit that you have? How does it impact you?
What's a subject that you're "bad" at? How does it affect you?
"Everybody thinks Jerry Rice is the best receiver out there. He certainly is talented, but I guarantee you he’s not even close to being the most talented. He’s not the strongest or the fastest. Be he is the most determined. Jerry’s mind set was that nobody was going to work harder, prepare better, or sacrifice more.
" -Mike Shanahan
Why does it matter?
What is Mindset?
beliefs that you have about your most basic qualities and abilities
growth mindset:
when you believe you can develop your intelligence, abilities, and talents

Growth Mindset Mantra:
Hard work makes me smarter.
But it's not easy! It's a
you have to make, and it's
more work
better results
) than having a fixed mindset.
Thomas Edison created 10,000 different versions of the light bulb until he made one that worked
In high school, Kobe Bryant got to the gym by 5 a.m. to practice, went to his classes, and then practiced until 7 p.m.
Remember a time when you worked extremely hard on something that was at first difficult, but after practice and effort you were able to succeed.
What were you struggling with?
Describe all the things you did to get better.
How long did it take you to become successful?
How did you feel when you succeeded?
1. I'm just bad at math.
2. I'm going to tutoring so that I can understand the really hard problems.
3. I'm going to cheat on the next test because it's the only way I'll get a good grade.
4. I'll take one practice quiz every week so that I can check whether or not I'm understanding the material.
5. Only dumb people go to tutoring. I'll just figure this out on my own.
6. I'm going to do ten extra practice problems each chapter because I need to practice to learn the material.
7. The teacher doesn't grade the homework. If it doesn't count toward your grade, what's the point of doing it?
Growth mindset:
believed he could get better through
hard work
Offseason work-outs 6 days a week
last to leave practice field
2.5 mile runs up "The Hill", intense weight lifting and route running
Think back to the bad habit/"bad" subject that you mentioned earlier. What can YOU do this school year to change that? Give as many specific examples as possible.

Your Turn
• Name a time you changed a bad habit, learned something new, or thought about something differently. Describe what happened to your brain when you did this.
Utilizing coaching is all about having a growth mindset. You can spend 30 minutes a week figuring out how you want to GROW, CHANGE, and DEVELOP.
How will your coaching conversations be different if you approach them as an
rather than an
Write a letter to a freshman at Making Waves Academy. It will be given to a student who doesn't know ANYTHING about the topics we covered today. In your letter, make sure to:
explain the concepts of neuroplasticity and mindset- give specific examples!
explain WHY it's important to have a growth mindset and how it can impact what you achieve in school

*Note: This is an experiment. We want to find out if the students who receive these letters work harder and earn higher GPAs compared to students who don't receive these letters.
Understanding how your brain can grow and change can help you to be more successful and perform better in school! (And all other areas of your life).
Why should I care?
8. The teacher has a thick accent so it's not my fault if I fail this class.
9. I'm going to office hours so that the professor can help me understand the material.

10. If I ask questions in class, everyone will think I'm the stupid one that doesn't get it.
11. I'm going to the library for an hour after every class because the only way I'll learn is to practice.
Why Does It Matter?
With a partner, open your envelope. Read through each of the statements, and decide whether it demonstrates a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Tape or glue it to the appropriate column in the note-taking guide.
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