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nazlı kentmen

on 24 March 2011

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VEGETARIANISM “If animals speak, could we dare to cut and eat them ?” Who is vegetarian ? Vegetarian is people who consume vegetables, fruits, cereal grains, nut , seeds and maybe daily products and eggs a lot, prevent from meat, poultry, fish, crustacea and shellfish.
-ovo vegetarians never eat meat and dairy products , but they consume eggs. Varieties of vegetarianism -lacto vegetarianism includes dairy products but not eggs. -ovo-lacto vegetarians reject all meat products; despite, they consume eggs and dairy products. -vegans refuse to consume all animal products, also they never use fur, leather, wool and silk accesoires. -buddhist vegetarians exclude animal products ,also they do not consume onion and garlic. Is being vegetarian beneficial or harmful for people ? Most people such as doctors and dieticians claim that it is beneficial. Therefore, if people become vegetarian, they will not cause death of animals and they will live healthy. Animal cruelty People want to prevent animal cruelty. They believe that it is not ethical to kill animals in many ways such as people’s delights and benefiting from animals. Everbody want to live without remorse and they donot want to cause any deaths. If they consume meat, they can think cutting animals while eating. It makes them sensitive. They can be affected easily from everything. People accept animals like their friends, because of this they should not use them arbitrary Some religions such as buddhism, hinduism and some sects of christianity prohibit to kill animals and eat their meat. The word vegetarian derives from the word vegetus in Latin and it means strong, live and full of life. When people stop eating meat and dairy products, they start to feel more energetic . Since vegetables and fruits do not involve much fat, they can make people lose weight easily while eating them. Vegetarian foods are easy digested, so they do not make people swell. Therefore, their moves are not prevented. Vegetarianism also prevent some diseases such as heart problems. American Dietetic Assosiation and Dietitans of Canada explain that vegetarian diet helps to avoid heart problems. Researches show that the rate of heart diseases at men who consume meat a lot is 30 % higher than vegetarian men. For women, this rate decrease to 20 % . As a result, vegetarian lifestyle is more healthy. Supporters of the opposing idea claim that vegetarianism is harmful for people, since it cause some diseases such as anemia and fortgetfulness. They argue that animal products are rich in protein, iron and vitamin B12 and if people reject to use them, there will be lack of vitamins, iron and protein. Lack of iron causes anemia and lack of vitamin B12 causes forgetfulness as well. Healthy lifestyle However , they forgot one fact : It is not necessary to consume animal products in order to get vitamins, iron and protein. Although protein is get by eating meat, it is not true. Many vegetarian foods such as pulse, grains, eggs, dairy products and soybean are rich in protein. People who suffer from anemia consume red mullets, kidney beans, flaxseed, lentil, tomatoe juice, boiled grape juice to prevent lack of iron. Forgetfulness can be recovered by consuming dairy products and eggs. If forgetful people are vegans, they can get vitamin pills. Consequently, people who are vegetarians get some vegetables and fruits instead of animal products to take some vitamins and nourishments.
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