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"Now We Can Begin"

AP Language Rhetorical Analysis

Breann Griffin

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of "Now We Can Begin"

"Now We Can Begin" Crystal Eastman's The Rhetorical Analysis Crystal Eastman: Her Story Rhetorical Strategy #1 Rhetorical Strategy #2 Diction Tone The Background Women & Suffrage 1920's Right to Vote A NEW VIEW ON WOMEN
AND THEIR RIGHTS Based off of four principles: "-economic independence for women
-gender equality at home
-'voluntary motherhood'
-motherhood endowment'" Born in Massachusetts on June 25, 1881 College: Sociology and Law -Ran women's sufferage campaign in Wisconsin
in 1912
-writer, editor, socialist and co-founder of the Congressional Union for Woman Sufferage
-Helped found National Woman's Peace Party FREEDOM "First Feminist of Congress" Women & Work Rights FEMINISM Example 1: Paragraph 12
"...there is no reason why woman should not become almost a human thing. It will be time enough then to consider whether she has a soul." Example 2: Paragraph 1
"Men are saying perhaps 'Thank God, this everlasting woman's fight is over!' But women, if I know them are saying, 'Now at last we can begin.'" Example 3: Paragraph 4
"The proletarian dictatorship may or may not
free women. We must begin now to enlighten the future dictators." Example 4 Paragraph 8
"...forced by the bitterest necessity..." Example 1: Paragraph 9
This paragraph is very matter
of fact and explanatory. Rhetorical Strategy #3
Hypophora (rhetorical term for a strategy in which a speaker raises a question and then immediately answers it.) Example 1: Paragraph 5
"What, then, is 'the matter
with women'? What is the problem
of women's freedom?" Example 2: Paragraph 6
"How shall we approach this next
feminist objective? " Example 3: Paragraph 9
"How can we change the nature of man
so that he will honorably share that work
and responsibility and thus make the
homemaking enterprise a song instead of
a burden?" Rhetorical Strategy #4 Repetition Example: The word,"freedom", is used
continuously throughout the speech. Rhetorical Strategy #5
Allusion Example: The allusion to slavery is mentioned in "Now We Can Begin".
- "...woman's slavery..." (Paragraph 3)
-Paragraph 4 (referring to fighting against woman's slavery)
- "'Woman does not live by bread alone. What she needs first of all is a free soul.'" (Paragraph 6) Pattern of Arrangement -Informative
Example: Paragraph 3, 6-7, 10-12 Ethos All of Eastman's past shows her credibility (feminist, Woman's Suffrage leader).
Example: Paragraph 1 & 12 "An obituary by Freda Kirchwey in The Nation pointed out that: "In her short life Crystal Eastman brushed against many other lives, and wherever she moved she carried with her the breath of courage and a contagious belief in the coming triumph of freedom and decent human relations. These were her religion. Her strength, her beauty, her vitality and enthusiasm, her rich and compelling personality - these she threw with reckless vigor into every cause that promised a finer life to the world." As another friend wrote at the time: "She was for thousands a symbol of what the free woman might be."" (Spartacus Educational) EFFECTS of Speech The Speech -Women have become more involved...
Lawyers to Doctors to Political Leaders
- August 26, 2020 is the 100th Anniversary for Women's Suffrage Works Cited
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