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Climate Change

What are the basic effects of Climate Change and what is the greenhouse effect

Dirk Lawson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate change might have an impact on the earths inhabitants Causes volcanic eruptions What Is Climate Change?? YOU TELL ME!!!
Climate Change is the change in the distribution of weather over periods of Time THIS MAY BE WAY MORE COMPLICATED THAN ROCKET SCIENCE Here let me break It down!!..! What Global warming is doing is breaking down the earth and making it one big fireball!! Metephorically speaking. And I suppose we have something to do with that !!! YOU SEE!! When we pollute the air it leads up to GLOBAL WARMING And it is just as the name says were REALLY warming up the Globe NO ITS NOT because Global warming can destroy our earth and that's not very cool because the world as we know it will come to an end and become one big blob (that's the scientific hypothesis) We're living on the edge here people!!! And Earth WON'T look like this... Created By: Clayber Graber n' Mr.T Inspired By Mr.Wartman Would You wanna look like this...

DONT POLUTE THE EARTH!!!! Earth,... Wind,... Recycling,... And Air,... ARE JUST A COUPLE THINGS THAT ARE PART OF A HEALTHY ECOSYSTEM!! I hope you enjoyed the prezi The the thay the the thay the the thats all folks!! Here's some random Monkey pictures cause prezi is so awesome I just cant get off just kidding Climate change may cause volcanic erptions And mountain changes Here I go down the slope do im going ZIP ZOP ZOBBITY BOP!! ISN"T THAT COOL!!! SOOO if it gets too warm it will burst the atmosphere and the earth will basically melt !! Like This So if the sun gives off less of this... Then we wont look like this SO WHAT I'M SAYIN IS... if the sun gives off less heat and energy and we stop poluting the air then we have got nothing to worry about
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