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Social Media Data Mining

No description

Brooke Marston

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Social Media Data Mining

Did you know Target has statisticians?
Customer Service
"Sen. Bernie Sanders won the first Democratic Debate – at least as far as social media is concerned."
What other effects can Social Media have?
Social Media Data
Why does it even matter?
"As Pole’s computers crawled through the data, he was able to identify about 25 products that, when analyzed together, allowed him to assign each shopper a “pregnancy prediction” score. More important, he could also estimate her due date to within a small window, so Target could send coupons timed to very specific stages of her pregnancy."
Best line of the night: “The American people are sick of hearing about your damn emails, @HillaryClinton." #DebateWithBernie
What else matters?
Prediction capacities and how it could effect all of us
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by Brooke Marston
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