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Fresh Water Collaboration

No description

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Fresh Water Collaboration

Associate it
Analyze it
Apply it
What does the subject make you think of?
Break the subject into parts. Tell how it is made.
Describe the subject's uses.
Use any reasoning to argue for or against the subject.
Argue For
or Against It
Describe it
Examine the subject closely and describe what you see.
fresh water collaboration
Compare it
What is it similar to? What is it different from?

Fresh Water Collaboration
This collaboration was made by Isaiah Corbin Blanca Lumsden and Timothy Saget
Each of the team members should select a specific location for the water conservation plan research. You can use a location such as your home or school.
Each team member should research the water conservation opportunities specific to the selected location. Research should include the major appliances, irrigation systems, where water conservation strategies can be implemented, how much water and money can be saved with the efforts, etc.
You can use reliable resources such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to get this information. You are not restricted to these sites, so be sure to cite the resources you use.
Each team member should recommend tips for water conservation in their selected location, based on the research conducted.
Each student will communicate and share their findings with their partner. You may choose one, or a combination of more than one, of the following presentation methods. If you have a presentation idea that is not listed, please contact your instructor for approval.
Isaiah: Lake Worth Springfield Lake drive

our resources
Objective :
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