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The Four Seasons Integrated Marketing Strategy

No description

Prateek Maitra

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of The Four Seasons Integrated Marketing Strategy

International Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Customer experience 'Service Culture'

'Fitting into the local built environment' (Four Seasons, 2012).
Four Seasons' Four Pillars of Success
Why Go Digital?
The External Environment
Growth of the Internet
The Luxury Consumer & Competition
Strengthen Four Seasons' Core Values
According to Usability.com The Four Seasons
spent $18 million to upgrade their website, in early 2012, to facilitate:
Increased usage of mobile devices,
personalized greetings, and cloud computing technology.
Reshaped Strategy
Added Value
Personalization; Customization
Transparency; Scrutiny & Integrity
Localization; Innovation & Entertainment
Integrated Hybrid Model "Bricks & Clicks'
Combination of traditional 'Brick & Mortar' service , and Website & Social Media) to drive sales
Four Seasons' Twitter Account

Prateek Maitra
Cynthia Rimmer

Most of Four Seasons’ marketing campaign will be communicated through digital platforms
to help the company deal with customer complaints,
respond to customers’ needs, and requirements.
Responding to customer trends of trusting hotel reviews

Social Media
Benefits of Social Media
Twitter Integration
Receives Four Seasons Personal Hand written Note
Why Four Seasons?
Top Luxury Hotel and Resort
Emphasis on Digital Marketing
At current only half of Four Seasons' marketing budget is devoted to digital channels.

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Adaptive Strategy
Thank you!
Being the Best in each location
Source: Four Seasons (2012)
"Four Seasons is the model of Value-oriented luxury" (Higley, 2011).
The Explosive Growth of
Internet Users
42% of all travel industry purchases happen online, and adults 50+ account for 80% of all luxury travel spending (Pew Internet and American Life Project).

The top four online websites for people over 60 are Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube (AARP).

65% of all adult Internet users engage in social media. In 2011, baby boomers increased their usage of social media by 60% (WSL/Strategic Retail).

Proposed Marketing Budget Breakdown
Adjustment to Target Market's
Behavioral Shift to Digital Space
The Not So Good...
The good?
Lacks Personal Interaction via "Click to Chat"
Intuitive Local Maps
Seamless Reservations Function
Who are the main Competitors In the Picture?
The Starwood Hotels Group
Market spend - $154 million
Properties owned - 1,134 in 93 countries
...and the Wyndham Hotels Group
Marketing Spend - $105 million
Properties: 7,200 in 66 countries

The Four Seasons By Comparison
Marketing Spend: Less Than $10 Million
Properties Managed - 88 in just 35 countries
60% Digital/Social Media
30% Traditional/ Print Media
10% Personal Selling
Existing Print Ad.
Great imagery, but lacks the call
to action to visit the web site for more
details (digital) or call a representative today
(personal selling).
Immediately Becomes a Brand Ambassador
SWOT Analysis
Incredible Customer Service When Compared to Industry Competitors
Market Share - Incredibly Four Seasons has just 1/4 of 1% (Ritz Carlton-8.3%, Wyndham - 37.5%, Starwood - 54%)
Economic Slowdowns Hurt The Four Seasons Immensely
Leader in Innovation and "Guest Experience"

International Brand Recognition
They don't own any of their own properties, and therefore, sacrifice control.
Partner with Airlines to Bundle Deals
Extend Service Offering By Resort
Focus on Sustainability/Social Responsibility
Use Small Size to Digitally Create Tightly-Knit Groups of Customers
Competitor-Initiated Price War Would be Disastrous as Would the Appearance of Any Low-Cost Competitor
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