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02 The Project Charter

No description

Ken Newman

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of 02 The Project Charter

Initiating the Project

Week 2 The Project Charter

The Project Charter
(Initiating Process Group)
Assess project concept
Define high-level scope
Stakeholder analysis
Identify risks
Document scope, milestones, deliverables
Obtain project approval

A Charter is an old English word meaning a royal authorization.
How Projects Come About
Market Demand
Strategic opportunity/Business need
Customer request
Technological advance
Legal requirement
Ecological Impact
Social/Political need

Feasibility Study
Is the project viable?
Is the project likely to succeed?

May be
a separate project
a sub project
the first phase of a project

Should a feasibility study be done by the Project Team members?

Assessing A Project Proposal
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Weighted Scoring
Cash Flow Analysis

There are always more proposals than an organization can take on. Why is this a good thing?
The Project Charter
SOW (Statement of Work)
Business Case
Enterprise & Environmental Factors
Organizational process assets

The PMBOK also lists a Contract as part of the Charter if the project is for an external client
HCT Dubai
COM2313 Project Management for Media
Dr Ken Newman

SOW (Statement of Work)
Business need
Result/Product scope
Strategic plan
Business Case
Feasibility study
Alternative solution analysis
Enterprise & Environmental Factors
Organizational, culture, structure, processes
Govt and Industry standards
Human resources
Personnel administration
Organizations work authorization system
Marketplace conditions
Stakeholder risk tolerances
Political climate
Organization's established communication channels
Commercial databases

This list can also help to identify Stakeholders
Organizational Process Assets
Knowledge Base

More in Week 3 Planning
Project Charter
Purpose or Justification for the project
Project objectives (measurable)
Hi-level list of requirements
Hi-level description of the project
Hi-level list of risks
Milestone schedule (summary level)
Budget (summary level)
Criteria for project approval
Name of Project Manager and authority level
Name of the Sponsor/Authorizer and their authority level

The Project Charter is complete when it receives
from the Project Sponsor.
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