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Copy of EPIK - Orientation Overview

This presentation will encompass an introduction to EPIK orientation rules, and mandatory Training Requirements

Eamon Devaney

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of EPIK - Orientation Overview

EPIK Information and School Life 1. EPIK Information - Introduction to Mandatory Training
- Administrative Task outline
- EPIK Events &Volunteering Information 2. EPIK Life Stories - Split into Groups
- Read experiences of Current and Past EPIK teachers
- Group discussion
- Summary of group discussion by group leader in the form of a 2 minute Presentation 3. Question and Answer Session Mandatory Training Requirement 17 class hours
Developmental Psychology
Methods in Language Teaching
Classroom Management
Korean Culture
Survival Korean www.epik.go.kr 1. On-line Pre-Orientation 1. Online Pre Orientation 17 Hours (April 30th)

2. On site Orientation 45 Hours

3. Online In Service training 15 Hours (August 2nd) Covers areas specific to Elementary, Middle and High Instruction

Teaching through: Listening & Speaking, reading & writing, and through songs and chants

Integrating Multimedia in the classroom

Educational Assessments

Co-teaching Models and Strategies www.epik.go.kr 3. On-line in Service Training www.epik.go.kr Administrative Outline www.epik.go.kr Administrative Outline Video Clip Contest Renewal Renewal Vacation of 1 week
Salary Elevation
Working at one location shows strong credibility to future employers
Avoid having to move apartment
Familiar with your co workers and students
More comfortable with what is expected of you in your school
No need to gather documents all over again
Deal directly with your school regarding the renewal process Apply to National EPIK Office Apply in September
Prepare documentation in Advance
Copies of Apostilled Diploma and Apostilled CRC can be obtained from your MOE/POE. (Must include the Apostille page and the document and must be signed and stamped by an official in the Office of Education)
Korean CRC required
Copies of the Front and Back of your ARC
One of the two letters of recommendation must be from your current school
Proof of teaching experience letter EPIK Events and volunteering Information EPIK School Culture EPIK on Youtube and Twitter You will find examples of the Grand,Gold, Silver and Bronze winning applicants for both the 'Co teaching English class' and 'EPIK life' competitions on Youtube


www.twitter.com/EPIKprogram Aims and Objectives 1. To familiarize EPIK teachers with the administrative timeline,codes of conduct and EPIK events and Mandatory training.

2.Help new teachers adjust to Korean school life by reading and discussing previous and current EPIK teachers stories as recounted in 'Dynamic EPIK life stories' P250 P253 Individual Reading time Group Discusssion Time Presentation Time Question and Answer Time Consultation Hours 1- 2 pm daily

epik@korea.kr Further Questions P241 P242 P253
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