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A day in the life of Peter R: Pathway to Recovery

No description

Sam Goodby

on 22 June 2017

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Transcript of A day in the life of Peter R: Pathway to Recovery

Path 2 Recovery (P2R)
We'll follow Peter R's journey at
Pathway to Recovery:
In the beginning, he thought
Over the hills and far away, up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
Pathway 2 Recovery, Bedfordshire
Arriving for the first time, he had a choice: Bedford, Dunstable, or Leighton Buzzard
Each of the buildings, worse than the last
But always a warm welcome at Pathway to Recovery
It's a local service for local people
The sights and smells of reception await
A quick look at Google Street View didn't give the best impression
Peter R went into Assessment at Pathway to Recovery
(Be grateful this isn't smell-o-vision)
And Needle Exchange is available
Peter R went to give his feedback and was amazed at the lengths to stop the plug being stolen
Staff argued about who would be his keyworker
He got to see the BBV Nurse
Prescriptions were sorted
And groups put on
Actual Picture of the Bedford building (Ask Sharon H)
The first plug only lasted a day...Clearly too tempting
Not sure if service users or staff stole it
Usually our groups are better attended (honest)
The staff all seemed to work hard
To cover Bedfordshire, the Acting Service Manager is usually seen working in her mobile office
The staff travel about visiting GP surgeries and events
There's plenty of food involved to keep staff going
And the staff look after each other
But Pathway to Recovery is one big happy family
Bedfordshire isn't all green and there's a lot of stress
That's another DATIX...
And Peter R leaves treatment at P2R
a success
Oh and by the way, it's not Pathway to Recovery
One of the Pathway to Recovery Workers
It's Path 2 Recovery (P2R)
Bedfordshire: Famous for the Clanger
Not the cute pink thing, a gross meat and jam pastry
With serious team meetings
We offer a friendly ear to Peter R
Peter R is seen by many, perhaps as just as a Rural bloke,
But be assured he supports hundreds of folk.
A wide spect-rum of people he sees ,
Lovers of Weed, to Beer, to OSTs.

He starts his day with a bowl of Wheatabix,
Coz he’s a busy fella and gets plenty of DATIX.
Quite a fortunate guy he has two abodes.
Bedford, the Bubble, separated by 20 mile ‘o’ roads.

He works with many so experienced and strong,
And guides people away from enjoying the Bong.
MC Hamer is Commander in Chief,
In her teams she could show no greater belief.

With her two 1st Mates Shazza and Chuck
They rock the Shire with no fears nor …….luck,
Suffering no fools, and inspiring a county,
Payment by Outcomes is the bounty!

And now an Ode to Peter R/P2R
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