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Mr. Ford's Sci-Fi Class

Lana Heidegger

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Enderworld

Chapter 1: Third In this chapter, Ender gets his monitor removed, which makes him think that the government is no longer interested in him. The monitor is a little device on the back of your neck where the government can watch and see everything you think and do. Stilson and his friends gang up on Ender, and Ender is forced to manipulate Stilson into fighting alone, where Ender completely kicks Stilson's butt. Although he doesn't enjoy fighting, Ender kicks Stilson even when he is already down, because he knows that he has to win now or he will continue to battle the gang day after day. Characters Ender Wiggin A clever and gifted boy who has been chosen by the International Fleet (IF) to save the world from the buggers. He must go through intensive training to prepare to fight and defeat them. Colonel Hyrum Graff A member of the IF who recruited Ender and brought him to Battle School. Graff is with Ender through the entire journey from the beginning to the end of the book. Peter Wiggin Ender's brilliant and manipulative older brother who severely bullied Ender as a child. Peter is down-right mean, and Ender is determined to not be like him. Valentine Wiggin Ender's soft-hearted sister who, like the other Wiggin children, is very intelligent. Valentine is one of the only people who Ender truly loves. Dink Meeker The leader of a toon that Ender is in. Dink values Ender greatly, and continues to befriend him throughout the book. Alai One of Ender's closest friends at Battle School. Alai is one of the only people at Battle School who Ender develops a genuine friendship towards. Petra The only girl at Battle School that we meet who takes Ender under her wing and shows him how to be a better shooter. She is both a friend and a teacher to Ender. Mazer Rackham Up until Command School, Mazer is known as a legend rather than a person. Mazer becomes Ender's teacher and manipulates him into battling a real war by telling him he's practicing on computer programs. Bean In many ways, Bean is a mini-version of Ender. Ender becomes Bean's trainer, and isolates him just as he was isolated. Bean helps Ender realize why Graff always isolated him. Bonzo A very stern commander of Salamander Army. He tries shoving Ender down but Ender consistently proves that he is better than Bonzo. Bonzo wants to fight Ender and although he tries killing him, Ender ends up killing Bonzo (though he doesn't know it until much later). Major Anderson While Graff heads the school, Major Anderson heads the game that runs the school. He disagreed with Graff on some tactics on how Ender should be trained. Buggers Aliens who have invaded Earth twice. In the final war, Ender kills all but one of them, where we find out that they had no intention of hurting any humans, and feel bad for killing any of them. Earth Eros Battle School Setting: The Future A bully named Stilson teases Ender about having his monitor removed, and being a "third," which means you are the 3rd child in the family, only allowed with the government's approval. Plot Chapter 2: Peter Ender gets home from school. While Valentine sympathizes with him, Peter is ticked off, jealous that Ender had his monitor longer than he did. Peter invites Ender to play "Buggers and Astronauts," where Ender has to be the Bugger. Peter beats Ender up and threatens to kill him by suffocating him. Valentine jumps in and talks Peter out of doing anything, and Peter laughs, saying, "I can make you guys believe anything!" That night when Peter thinks his brother is asleep, he leans over whispering to Ender that he loves him and is sorry. Ender hears this, and falls asleep crying:'( Chapter 3: Graff As the Wiggin family eats breakfast, Colonel Hyrum Graff of the International Fleet shows up at the door (uh oh...) After talking to Mother and Father, he asks Ender to come out and questions him about his encounter with Stilson and his reasons behind kicking him when he was already down. When he hears Ender's reasons, he invites Ender to Battle School and requests to speak with him privately. He encourages Ender that although it will be a challenge for him, they need him. Ender makes the decision to join Battle School and help save the world from the Buggers. Chapter 4: Launch Ender and 19 other children called "Launchies" are getting on a spaceship that will take them to Battle School. Ender realizes that where there is no gravity in the spaceship, any direction can be down. Ender laughs when Graff walks on a wall. Graff turns, and when Ender tells him why he is laughing, we get the feeling that Graff is gonna blow... Graff instead yells at the rest of the Launchies, saying that Ender is the only smart one of the bunch- which is a great way to ensure that Ender has no friends in the group. The kid behind Ender starts to hit him repeatedly on the head, so Ender grabs his arm and pulls... The kid isn't wearing a seat belt and they are in null gravity, so the kid goes flying and breaks his arm. Way to go Ender! Ender feels bad about hurting the boy. Back at Battle School, Graff confesses to Major Anderson that he likes Ender and "...right to the heart, he's good." Chapter 5: Games When they arrive, Ender explores the bunkroom.The bunkroom advisor named Dap comes in and tells them they will need to learn to solve their own problems. At lunch, Ender sits alone, as he has no friends. Bernard, the bully who received a broken arm, continues to bully Ender. Ender notices Bernard is starting to gain friends and power. To get back at Bernard for being a bully, Ender sends out an anonymous message to all of the Launchies saying that Bernard likes butts by hacking into the system. Bernard is angry, and some of the other Launchies stop taking orders from him. Chapter 6: The Giant's Drink It's time for the Launchies to enter the battle room. They have fun in the null gravity (reminding the readers that they are still little kids). Bernard's friend Alai is a natural, so he and Ender begin to practice together, becoming instant friends. They learn that the guns they have shoot out a light and freeze whatever it hits, whether it's a whole body or a limb. It's almost like laser tag in null gravity- pretty awesome! After practice, Ender plays a mind video game. The game adjusts continuously and Ender is stuck on the Giant's Drink, where his character (a mouse) is challenged by a giant: the giant will take Ender to Fairyland if Ender can choose which of 2 drinks is not poison. Except both drinks are always poison... Ender cheats and kills the Giant by burrowing into it's eye. That's apparently the solution to the game because he gets taken to Fairyland. But Ender feels terrible about killing, even in a game. Chapter 7: Salamander Just as Ender is beginning a friendship with Alai, he is given a message that he is to join Salamander Army. Alai kisses Ender on the cheek and says "Salaam." Although Ender doesn't know what that means, he knows it is special. Everyone in Salamander Army is older than him and the only person who is nice to him is a girl named Petra. The commander, Bonzo, has no use for Ender and gives him orders not to participate in any battles. Ender gets a new set of uniforms for his birthday. Yay? During a battle, when Salamander is about to lose, Ender disobeys orders and freezes several members of the opposing team, resulting in a win for Salamander. Go Ender! Bonzo is mad at Ender, and tells him that night that he has been traded to Rat Army. Summarizing Ender's Game A book written by Orson Scott Card Someone named Rose the Nose is commander of Rat Army. He assigns Ender to a toon headed by Dink Meeker. Dink tells Ender that he asked for him, because Ender looked promising. Dink is skeptical, and tells Ender, "Commanders have just as much authority as you let them have. The more you obey them, the more power they have over you."- pretty deep for a kid named Dink! Dink puts Ender in the first attack position, and Ender proves to be excellent, winning every time. Back in Fairyland, Ender kills a snake (that was once a rug. But when he looks in the mirror, he sees - gasp - Peter's face looking back at him. He throws the dead snake at the mirror, which cracks. Then all these little snakes bite him to death. Ender doesn't play the game again, but he has disturbing dreams about it. Chapter 8: Rat Chapter 11: Veni Vidi Vici Chapter 9: Locke and Demosthenes Chapter 9 gives us a little relief from outer space. Back on Earth, we find out Peter wants to take over the world and has dragged Valentine into helping him. Peter knows there is a coming, and is smart enough to know that if they can get people to listen to them they can make the war smaller. Peter tells Valentine, "We don't think like other children, do we, Val? We don't talk like other children. And above all, we don't write like other children." So they get on the internet as adults using pseudonyms and enter political debates. Peter uses the name Locke and Valentine uses Demosthenes. Graff comes to visit Val and tells her Ender is not happy. He asks her to write a letter to Ender to encourage him to work hard because they need him. It works, and Ender is no longer depressed. Val gets a medal for her work. Chapter 10: Dragon Graff tells Ender he is being promoted to commander, and will lead Dragon Army, a whole new army. Ender's new army looks pretty terrible, full of new kids and a little loudmouth named Bean. Bean is very intelligent like Ender, and Ender uses him as he was used. He whips his army into shape as soon as he can. Ender runs into Alai in the game room. It's a little awkward now that Ender has his own army, and they will battle each other. But Ender decides his real enemy is the teachers, and sets out to defeat them. Ender's army is organized and ready to fight. After a month of training, they are assigned a battle against Rabbit Army. Dragon easily conquers their enemy and the battle the next day against Petra's army. The school makes Ender fight a battle every day for a week and they win every one. Ender begins to study the videos of the bugger invasions to see if he can learn from them. He realizes that it doesn't make sense. When Mazer Rackham, the commander who defeated the buggers in the last invasion, destroyed one bugger ship, all of the buggers stopped fighting. Then Ender has to fight 2 battles in one day, the second being Salamander, Bonzo's army. When they enter the battle room, Salamander is already there and in a nearly impossible position. But Ender wins and Bonzo is humiliated. Chapter 12: Bonzo Ender sees Petra in the halls and she tells him that Bonzo is planning to hurt him, so he better watch his back. Dink also leaves a note for him telling him to take care. While Ender is about to get into the shower, a group of bullies led by Bonzo come in to fight him. Ender manipulates Bonzo into fighting alone, and because Bonzo is bigger than him (flashback to fight with Stilson) Ender must outsmart him, which he does thoroughly and wastes Bonzo. Bonzo ends up dead although Ender doesn't know this. Then - surprise - Ender feels bad about fighting. That afternoon, Ender's army is up against two armies at the same time. He cheats and goes straight for the enemy's gate, winning but cheating at it. Ender then refuses to play again, and Graff decides to take Ender back to Earth because he thinks Ender is ready to graduate Battle School. This will be his first and only leave from outer space before he toes on to Command School. Chapter 13: Valentine So Ender has spent the last 3 months at this house on the lake relaxing. Graff talks Valentine into talking to Ender into going to Command School voluntarily, because he still doesn't want to go. Val eventually convinces him to go because he has to protect her from the buggers. Graff and Ender leave and Graff tells him everythink he knows about the buggers. They will be heading to they secret IF Command School on the asteroid Eros. The trip to Eros will take 3 months. He also tells Ender that the buggers aren't invading Earth, but they are invading the buggers. When they arrive at Eros, Ender asks Graff why they are fighting, and he tells them that basically it's a misunderstanding, and since we can't communicate with them, we can't risk just sitting back in case they invade again. Chapter 14: Ender's Teacher On Eros, Ender is isolated (again). He is in a room himself until one day he gets up and there's an older man in his room. It turns out that the old guy is Mazer Rackham, who becomes Ender's teacher and trains him more to fight the buggers. Mazer has Ender practice fighting the buggers on a "simulator", and he will command human subordinates. The subordinates end up being Alai, Petra, Bean, and Dink. It turns out that they are actually fighting the buggers, not just practicing, and Ender wins. He has killed the entier species of buggers without even knowing it. Chapter 15: Speaker for the Dead It has been decided that Ender will never be able to come back to Earth because it would be too dangerous for him. People from Earth are starting to come over to the bugger world because of overpopulation on Earth. Valentine shows up and convinces Ender to go with her to a colony world. His most important goal when he goes there is to figure out more about the buggers. One day, Ender is scouting out a location for a new colony ship, and finds a place that looks like Fairyland. The buggers had built it for him. They communicate telepathically, so they could see the dreams that Ender dreamed about the place. He follows where it leads him and finds a queen pupa for the bugger race that they left for him. He communicates by thinking to them, and they tell him that they forgive him and all humans, and they want him to find a place for the pupa so that they can live again. Ender writes a pamphlet from the point-of-view of the hive-queen, signing it "Speaker for the Dead," and this starts a new religion. Now everyone needs a Speaker for the Dead to give them a euology, including Peter. Because of the time travel effect of near-light speed travel, Ender and Val are only in their 20s and Peter is in his 70s. He wants Ender to be a Speaker for the Dead for him, and to make up. Ender agrees, and he writes a book for Peter. Then he and Val start planet-hopping, looking for a place for the buggers to live.
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