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Drive By Wire for SoFE

The Presentation for SoFE Comp

Danyal Ajaz

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Drive By Wire for SoFE

Drive-By-Wire Technology The Car of the Future, Today By: Danyal Ajaz Saleem
SMME-NUST Sequence of the Presentation: Introduction
What is Drive-By-Wire?
The Skateboard
Subtypes of Drive-By-Wire
Merits & Demerits
Closing Remarks
Question & Answer Introduction Suppose You Sit on your car's driver's seat and see nothing but a joystick in front of you
You Punch your destination in on the GPS and push the stick forward, the car starts moving
All you need to do for the rest of the ride is to push the joystick in the direction you want
By Now you wonder is this some kind of Hollywood Flick?
No, this is not a Sci-Fi Epic, It's the magic of Drive-By-Wire Since Day 1 Automotives Engineers Strive for the "intelligent vehicle" What Is Drive-By-Wire? Drive-By-Wire is a system which envisages the control of all automotive sub-systmes using computerized controls with the driver having to do the least possible (as illustrated by example)

A car with this type of system would rely mainly on electronics to control a wide range of vehicle operations, including acceleration, braking and steering. Conventional cars mainly use hydraulic and mechanical technology to conduct these same basic vehicle operations, and although the systems are powerful, they can be overly complex, inefficient and conducive to wear and tear over the years.
So the technology opens up an opportunity to work past mechsnical inefficiencies caused by complec mechanical linkages Sub-Types of Drive-By-Wire Throttle-By-Wire
Steer-By-Wire Merits & Demerits Reduced number of moving parts
Reduced Weight
Increased Accuracy
More Freedom to Design look & interior
Fewer Emissions Drivers' Skepticism
Potential for Electrical/Sensor Failure
Low adaptability of software Closing
Remarks Any Questions ?? Feel free to ask Thank You for Your
Patient Listening
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