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"Ladies in Blue" Fresco

No description

Sarah Baker

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of "Ladies in Blue" Fresco

"Ladies in Blue" Fresco Description Fresco
Excavated in 1914 in Crete, Greece
Circa 1525-1450 B.C.
What is a Fresco? Type of mural painting
Earth pigments painted directly on fresh, wet, lime plaster
Chemical process bonds pigment and plaster together as the plaster dries
Plaster dries quickly History Discovered during Sir Arthur Evans's excavation of the Palace of Knossos in 1914
Knossos was the capital of Minoan Crete
One of many frescos in palace Depiction Three white-skinned
female figures
Slight smiles
form-fitting dresses
narrow waists
bare breasts
beautifully coiled hairstyles
hair ornaments
elaborate jewelry Women in Minoan Society Matrilineal descent
Important in urban public life
Priestesses, functionaries, administrators, and participated in sports
Boxing, bull-jumping Women in the Odyssey Most prominent role is that of seductress
Circe and Calypso are obstacles to Odysseus's return
Penelope and suitors Significance Their appearance is a display of the great wealth of the Minoan court
Clear portrayal of the Minoan female ideal
Depicts court fashions
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