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The Power Of Words - The Book Thief

No description

Karissa Matson

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of The Power Of Words - The Book Thief

Liesel's Use of Words
the book is a symbol of her mother and brother, giving her a sense of safety and allowing for a more comfortable survival in her new home
when she starts learning to read the book, the words comfort her and make her want to read more
Max's Use of Words
Hitler's Use of Words
furthers the idea that Hitler is physically weak
he had to use words to deceive and outsmart others in order to survive
"The point is, it didn't really matter what the book was about. It was what it ,meant that was really more important" (38). "Over the next few weeks and into summer, the midnight class began at the end of each nightmare" (69).
Hitler was described as "a strange, small man" (Zusak 445).
The Power of Words Allowing for Survival
By Karissa Matson
This is demonstrated through:
The Book Thief
By Markus Zusak
girl who learns power of words through her friend and through stealing books
work together to survive in a country manipulated by words
The author demonstrates the idea that a person's survival may strongly depend on the power of words.
Hitler's use of words
Max's use of words
Liesel's use of words
"The book thief was dreaming about the Fuhrer (...) she was attending a rally at which he spoke" (20).

"She was listening contentedly to the torrent of words spilling from his mouth. His sentences glowed in the light" (20).
proves that he captivated people with words
words were the only thing he had to become powerful and to continue ruling country
The author is expressing the idea that the power of words can be the factor that determines someone's survival.
Hitler's use of words
Max's use of words
Liesel's use of words
"(...) it was only two words he ever tasted. Mein Kempf. My struggle (...) of all the things to save him." (160).
used someone else's words to his advantage, having possession of Hitler's book allowed him to survive
"'I'll read to you. And I'll slap your face if you start dozing off. I'll close the book and shake you till you wake up' (...) he sat in bed and absorbed the words" (334).
when Max was sick Liesel used words to keep him awake, helped his survival
"Better to stand proud and resolute. Let the words do all of it. 'Is it really you? the young man asked,' she said. 'Is it from your cheek that I took the seed?'" (512).
when Liesel repeated the words from the story Max had written, he had been given hope for survival while headed to a concentration camp
"(...) soon a quietness started bleeding though the crowded basement. By page three , everyone was silent but Liesel (...) the youngest kids were soothed by her voice" (381).

words comforted not only Liesel but everyone in the air-raid shelter during a life or death situation, words helped comfort survival
"She survived because she was sitting in the basement reading through the story of her own life" (498).
Liesel was the only one to survive the unexpected bombing, words had literally saved her life
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