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The Arc de Triomphe

My stone structure project

Jesse Cummings

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Arc de Triomphe

Stone Project The Arc de Triomphe By: Jesse Cummings Location and Purpose Located in Paris, France along the Champs Elysees.
GPS coordinates are 48.87 degrees north latitude and 2.29 degrees east longitude.
The purpose of this structure was to celebrate the glory of the Grand Armee as they marched home to Paris. Description The Arc de Triomphe is tall, wide, rectangular with a gigantic archway in the middle, with decorative statues and designs of battles carved into the magnificent structure, it seems to welcome all into Paris. The arc stands an imposing 49.5 meters in height, 45 meters in in width, and 22 meters deep
It is made out of granite, an igneous rock.
Granite forms by the melting of continental rock, when this rock melts and cools underground, granite crystallizes around it. History Napoleon I made an imperial decree on February 18, 1806 that authorized the construction of the Panthenon and the "erection of a triumphal arch". On May 9 1806, Napoleon agreed to the Place de l'Etolie for the site of the arch. The arch was eventually completed in 1836 after many complications.
Three major architects were responsible for the building of the arc, Jean-Francios-Therese Chalgin, Jean-Arnoud Raymond, and Jean-Nicolas Huyot. The Arc de Triomphe was modeled after the Roman Arch of Titus. The arc is even so massive that the foundation alone took two years to lay! After the foundation they took it old school and placed granite blocks on top of each other and cemented them. Pictures Here are some awesome pictures of the arc. Interesting Facts I chose this topic because one, the Arc de Triomphe just looks plain awesome! And two, I think its cool because it was built so long ago but yet it looks in prime of condition. I also find the purpose of this structure quite interesting. Right Here Here it is Did you know that... Underneath the vaulted ceilings of the arc lies the French tomb of the unknown soldier.
The Tour de France, a very prestigous bicycle race, finishes along the Champs Elysees after riding around the Arc de Triomphe. My Sources http://www.arcdetriompheparis.com/
http://www.aveiwoncities/ FIN Thank you for watching
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