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Dead to you

No description

Camryn Ball

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Dead to you

Why I Chose This Book
Seven year old Ethan de Wilde is playing with his younger brother Blake in the front yard when a car drives by and abducts Ethan. After a few years, his abductor Ellen abandons him at a child center. After years of living in homeless shelters, on the streets, and in zoos Ethan finally finds his way back to his family. With reporters and family members constantly asking the family questions it's hard to find time to adjust and get used to his "new" family. His brother Blake is very angry and wonders why Ethan got in the car. But not even Ethan can remember why, because something is blocking his memory.
The themes of this novel are mystery and love.

The main theme of this book is mystery because throughout the story, Ethan is trying hard to remember his life before he was abducted and why he got into the car so easily.

Another theme is love because throughout time, Ethan finds himself falling in love with not only his childhood best friend but
he also starts getting the
hang of things at home
and gets close to his
family again.
Favorite Passage
About The Author
Lisa McMann was born February 27, 1968 in Holland, Michigan
In 2004 she moved to Mesa, Arizona with her husband and two kids.
She is the best selling author of several thrillers including "Cryers Cross" and "The WAKE Trilogy."
Main Characters
Ethan : Goes missing at the age of seven and returns to his family nine years later.
Blake :Ethans younger brother who thinks Ethan is an imposter and not his real brother.
Gracie: "The replacement child."
Cami : Ethan's childhood best friend who turns out to be his crush.

Dead to you
by: lisa mcmann
Camryn ball

I'm the type to judge a book by it's cover so the mysterious cover is what caught my attention. When I read the synopsis, it really grabbed my attention. I could tell that the book would be filled with suspense. I've also heard a lot about her other books including "Cryers Cross"
Additional Information
I give his book a 7 out of 10
I think the book was very realistic and vivid. If you like books that keep you waiting for answers I would highly recommend this. Although, I didn't like how quickly it all went down in the end. It would have been nice to have an additional fifty pages added on to the end.
This book has one of the most surprising and sudden endings of any book I've ever read. It's as if there should be 100 more
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Down The Rabbit Hole
. 8 March 2012. 23 September 2014.http://amberinblunderland.blogspot.com/2012/03/book-review-dead-to-you-by-lisa-mcmann.html
We're like South America and Africa. Like two continents that exist far away from each other, so totally different from one another, but if you push them together, if you nestle Brazil up into the armpit of Nigeria, it all fits, like they were made for each other. Like one broke away from the other a long time ago, but now it's back
I like this passage because it really describes the situation of the entire book in just one paragraph and I thought it was very clever.
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