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Luke 2:8-20

No description

Stephen Johns

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Luke 2:8-20

Luke 2:8-20
God's Glory
Understanding the Shepherds
Luke 2:8-20
The Historical Data
Their Revelation
Luke 2:8-20
A Pursuit of God's Glory
Marked by Faith
vs. 15
They believe what they have been told and that it is from God.
Marked by Effort
vs. 16
Their faith is fruited out in action.
Marked by Declaration
vs. 17
Both by their actions and the message they share.
Marked by Worship
vs. 20
Joy and Reflection now rule their lives.
Luke 2:8-20
Do you see and Worship?
Another glory in the way
You are filled with visions of your own glory
You are filled with talk of your own glory
You pursue your own glory
A Better Word for Us
Luke 2:8-20
Entering Into the Pursuit of God's Glory
It can come by Need
Mark 9:14-29

It can come by Inadequacy
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

It can come by Meditation
Psalm 139

It can come by Revelation
The Gospels

The Biblical Data
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