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Pros and Cons of Dictatorship, and Republic

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Claire Scattini

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Dictatorship, and Republic

Pros and Cons of Dictatorship, and Republic

Con’s on the form of government Dictatorship :

*People don't have any say on how they live their lives

*No privacy

*Disobeying orders = sentences to jail, or death

*Higher taxes

*Laws revoked

*Leaders had control over opinions

*No voting

What is a Republic?
A government run by a leading assembly chosen by citizens. We have a voice.

The cons of the Republic:

-common welfare

-political disagreements

-not everyone has their own say
concluding question
What government do you like best?
Pros on having a dictatorship:

*Strong military

*Effective police force

*Criminals are easier to find/catch

*If you know the leader, you might get special privileges

*The fact that country had a lot of power compared to others

What is a dictatorship?
A dictatorship is a form of government where all responsibility is to the power of the one dictator, or main decision maker.
Pros on the form of government, Republic:
In which all parts of society have right to vote for a representative.

-Protection against majority

-Protection under law until proven guilty of crime

-State’s power is Constitutionally limited.

North Korea
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