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Cell Cycle

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell Cycle

Cell Cycle
and DNA Replication
DNA Replication
Process by which DNA code is copied

Occurs during S phase of interphase
Cells need an exact copy of DNA
Each new double helix of DNA contains one strand from original molecule and one newly created strand
1. I will be able to identify the different stages in the cell cycle
2. I will be able to describe the process of DNA replication and explain its importance in the cell cycle.

First phase of cell cycle

G1 phase – primary growth phase
S phase – DNA replication
G2 phase – second period of growth
organelles replicate throughout

First phase of Mitosis
Nuclear membrane breaks down and disappears
Centriole pairs at opposite ends of cell

Chromosomes pushed and pulled by spindle fibers
Chromosomes arranged along spindle equator

Spindle fibers shorten, pulling chromatids apart at centromere
Chromatids are now chromosomes and move to opposite ends of cell

Chromatids reach opposite poles
Spindle fibers disappear
Nuclear membrane forms
Chromosome uncoil and return to threadlike mass
Cell Cycle
Why is the cell cycle important?
• Mode of reproduction for unicellular organisms
• Mode of growth, maintenance, and replacement for multicellular organisms

Cell Cycle: I P M A T
Mitosis: P M A T
cytokinesis, centrioles, cell cycle, mitosis, interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, spindle fibers, chromosome, chromatid, chromatin,
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