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Lloró, Colombia

No description

tota mostafa

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of Lloró, Colombia

The environment in lloro, Colombia has a humid of (0.65 p/pet) climate. The land area is not cultivated; most of the natural vegetation is still intact. The landscape is mostly covered with closed to open broadleaved evergreen or semi- deciduous forest. The climate is classified as a tropical wet (no dry season), with a subtropical rain forest bio zone. Did you know that Colombians are known for their coffee which the seeds are planted and made there?
Natural Hazards
Earthquake 80%
Flood 70%
Drought 70%

In lloro, Colombia there is lots of natural hazards caused by earthquakes, floods and etc. Lloró, Colombia can have destructive earthquakes (on average one every 50 years), with occurrences at >7 Richter. Heavy furniture is moved. Poorly built structures will be demolished. There is a medium-high occurrence of periods with extreme drought. Flooding risk is medium-high. This is a huge problem because it will destroy many things like buildings, factories, and more that people would depend on for survival . Based on all of the climate, environment and interaction reasons I have given, lloro, Colombia is not a suitable place to live in.

The climate in lloro, Colombia is one of the wettest places in the world; it is estimated that 13,299mm of rain rains per year. Also because Colombia (the country) straddles the equator, its climate is mostly tropical with few seasonal changes except for rain falls. Did you know that these few days coming up its thunder storming and raining this whole week in lloro, Colombia? It rains almost every day. This is a problem because it rains so much in lloro, Colombia, it would cause floods in the area that would destroy many things like homes, hospitals, farms, etc., and this means that this is just one of the reasons why it’s difficult to live here.
Lloro, Colombia
This report is about why it’s hard to live in Lloró, Colombia. I am going to focus on geographical reasons why it’s hard to live in Lloro, Colombia which are climate, environment, and interaction.
Lloró, Colombia
Thank you
Lloro, Colombia is located in the northern part of the country, lloro is near the pacific ocean and the caribbean sea. Trade winds help bring lots of moisture from the coasts to this tropical little town, creating the humidity and percipitation that soak this lowland. Lloro is home to about 7,000 people.

5.5000° N latitude
76.5333° W longitude

countries near by
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