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Andrew Jackson Ch. 14

No description

Anna Ward

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Andrew Jackson Ch. 14

An Unconventional President
first president that wasn't
born on the East Coast
The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson
March 4, 1829 10,000 people came to D.C. to witness the inauguration of their hero
many were first time voters
new states forming west of the mountains challenged the "rich, white man" voters rich or poor, educated or no
believed he had saved the nation from disaster
he promised to return the government to the people
who was he?
born in South Carolina
joined the Revolution at age 13 and became a POW
Hero of the Battle of New Orleans and the Battle of Horseshoe Bend
nicknamed "Old Hickory" by his soldiers - "the hardest wood in creation"
Nullification Crisis
1828: congress raised tariffs
higher prices for imported factory goods
promote domestic industry
more $$$ for government
Jackson Battles
the Bank!
Quick Review:
The Story of Indian Removal
3-5 million natives
lived in the U.S. before
Europeans arrived.
the growth of American Democracy
Andrew Jackson
The election of 1828 was BRUTAL!
the candidates called each other names
Jackson was accused of being crude and ignorant
scandal about his wife, Rachel
He and his supporters became what is now called the Democratic Party
The Party still bears the same name today.
Jackson won!
Jacksonian Democracy
first president from the frontier
first president that wasn't well-born,
rich and part of the elite
Didn't rely on his cabinet for advice
trusted friends and supporters met him in the white house kitchen
"The Kitchen Cabinet"
the spoils system
Jackson wanted to replace civil servants
an employee of the government
"to the victor goes the spoils of war"
He decided to replace Republican office holders with loyal Democrats
Republicans exaggerated the amount of civil servants removed
a political fight
page 189
1. tariff
2. secede

Northern States
favored new tariff:
factory goods could be sold at higher prices
"home-grown" products can outsell foreign competitors
develops industry in the North
Southern States
hated new tariff:
relied on imported goods
meant they'd have to pay more
discouraged trade among nations - hurt cotton sales
believed it to be unconstitutional
compared to...
is a tax imposed by the government on goods imported from another country
is to withdraw from an organization
or alliance; in this case, to withdraw
from the United States
They promised to represent the ordinary
farmer, the workers and the poor.
The Opposite of what the Republican
party had come to represent.
...but so did the idea that common
people could run the government.
...but so did the idea that
common people could run the
An action by a state in which the state refuses to recognize or to enforce a federal law passed by the United States Congress.
Check page 156 if you aren't sure....
The National Bank was partly owned by the federal gov't and it had a monopoly on federal deposits.
McCulloch v. Maryland:
The Supreme Court confirms the banks constitutionality using Art. 1, Sec. 8 the
Elastic Clause
Why did Andy Jackson hate the National Bank?
1. he thought it benefited Eastern investors at the expense of farmers and workers.
2. distrusted the President of the Bank - Nicholas Biddle; a man who was everything Jackson wasn't
How did Jackson
kill the bank?
1. vetoed the new charter
2. moved all funds to state banks
While Jackson is President; Henry Clay pushes a bill through Congress.
The Bill was an early application for the Bank's charter; 4 years early.
Clay had hoped to be President in 1832, but lost to Jackson
Jackson vetoed the new Charter.
He relied on the votes of poor farmers who were against the Bank.
Jackson starves the bank to death; withdrawing all the money and depositing it ino state banks.
kills the
Slaying the bank was
a victory for economic democracy
- Cultural Differences -
Tried to conquer nature
laws & courts to keep order
believed in land ownership
White Settlers
lived within nature
relied on powers of persuasion & shame to maintain harmony
nobody owned land
Conflict -
Native Americans followed 3 paths in dealing with white settlers.
1. Hostililty:
Battle of Tippecanoe
The Black Hawk War -
Chief Black Hawk of the Sac and Fox fought removal for 2 years.
ended in 1832, most were slaughtered. He was taken away in chains
2. Voluntary Removal
created tensions with other tribes
was only a temporary solution.
3. Accommodation:
became "civilized" and adopted the "white ways"
"5 Civilized Tribes" : Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole and Cherokee
The Cherokee:
How did the Cherokee assimilate into white society?
Sequoyah developed an alphabet and the Cherokee nation became literate
The Cherokee became farmers, no longer nomadic hunters
with the election of Jackson, the campaign to remove N.A. reached new urgency.
The Great American Desert
The Indian Removal Act of 1830
Created a new

In present day
Indian Territory

Trail of Tears
thousands of Creeks who refused to leave were rounded up and marched west in handcuffs
17,000 Cherokee were dragged from their homes in Georgia and herded West by Federal troops
Seminole Chief in Florida. Led his people for 10 years in resistance against the United States Government
Sharp Knife Jackson
was proud to have "solved"
the Indian "problem"
1 in 4 Cherokee died, totaling over 4,000
"the cruelest work I ever knew."
Page 194. Please do this in your notebook. Assignment #5
answer in complete sentences please!
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