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The Big Idea

No description

Biscuit Hamster

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of The Big Idea

The Gun
Advancement in Weaponry
Since the invention of the wheelock pistol, many newer and more accurate weapons have been developed. An iconic weapon that greatly influenced the tide of the Revolutionary War was the Brown Bess, musket.
World War II
During the second world war, the U.S. produced one of the most iconic weapons of all time. It was known as the M1 Garand. This weapon helped the United States and many of the Allied armies to victory.
World War I
The Great War could not have been won without the guns used during it. During the war, 29 guns were produced in the U.S.A and none were more influential to the outcome of the war than the M1903.
Modern Day Warfare
The Big Idea
In the 1500's, a great mind by the name of Leonardo da Vinci thought up an idea that would flower into one of the most influencial technology in the history of mankind. It has evolved over time and has been used in countless wars to take countless lives. Places all over the world have been affected by the gun.
The Wheelock Pistol
The Wheelock pistol is credited to be the first gun invented. At the time, it was considered so dangerous that Emperor Maximilian I banned the weapon. It was still used, though, and is credited to have helped in the assassination of William the Silent of the Netherlands, therefore, shaping the history of Europe.
The M1903 Springfield rifle is an iconic weapon that was used during WWI, WWII, Korean War, and in the Vietnam War. I was a bolt action, .30-.60 caliber, internal clip system rifle produced in the U.S.A. It changed the course of WWI for it's versatility and ruggedness. This changed the history of nearly all of Europe and the U.S.A through the course of the war.
Brown Bess
The Brown Bess was a .75 caliber musket. It was used greatly by frontiersmen in the 1700's and when war broke out, it was used in the infantry. Made by the British, it was traded in over 10 different colonies and was considered the utility weapon of the world. It shaped the world in many wars such as The French and Indian War, The Revolutionary War, and The Mexican American War. In all of these wars, the most commonly used weapon was the Brown Bess and therefore it helped win or lose which in turn shaped political borders and relations.
M1 Garand
The M1 Garand was a semi-automatic variant of the M1903 Springfield and was used greatly during the Second World War. It's durability made it a weapon that saw fighting from WWII through to The Vietnam War. Today it is still used in honor guards, in ceremonies, and in military training camps around the world. This, therefore, has shaped the cultures and lives of many people and countries around the world.
The M16A4 is a variant of the earlier, Vietnam era, M16. It has a 30 round magazine and fires a 5.56mm caliber bullet. It is in current service around the world, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and many other Middle Eastern nations. It is also used in law enforcement in the U.S., France, and Germany. It has been used in 76 different nations around the world. This gun has and still is shaping history in many places, but mostly the Middle Eastern Regions, by fighting against terrorist armies and revolutionaries.
Today in wars like Afghanistan and Iraq, the weapons are more advanced than they have ever been. Weapons like the M16A4, an automatic assault rifle, in active service.
The Gun in Air Combat
In WWI, for the first time in history, the ski became a battlefield. In early air combat, the only available air-air combat weapon was the gun. Without it, there would be no air-air combat.
LMG Spandau
The LGM Spandau may arguably be the most history writing aerial warfare weapon. It was used by a German pilot named Manfred von Richthofen, or more famously known as the Red Baron. It fired three round bursts that were in-sync with the propeller blade. This would forever change warfare for all time. No longer will wars only be fought on land, but they will also be fought in the skies.
Gun Kills in Vietnam
During the Vietnam War the U.S.A Military made a crucial mistake in aerial combat; they deemed the gun in aerial combat "obsolete". This effected the performance of the military aircraft so much that they reinstalled the gun as a weapon on aircraft such as the F-4 Phantom.
MK-4 Mod O
The MK-4 Mod O was a gun pod that was externally mounted on many military fighters during the Vietnam War. The arguments of whether or not the gun was still to be a primary weapon on the military aircraft of the day ended when this very gun was used in close aerial combat situations and downed over 10 communist MIG's, a lot in a time where long range missiles were the primary weapon in aerial combat. This forever shaped history for being a plausible reason why the war in Vietnam was lost.
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