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Irish Culture


Scott Mckibbin

on 23 November 2009

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Transcript of Irish Culture

Irish Culture What is Irish Culture Irish Traditions Religion Music Food Culture Religion is a strong practice by the Irish.
The main sect of Religion is Roman Cathlic. The national holiday of Ireland is mainly based on religion. This is a Typical Irish Wedding St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day or better known as St. Patty's Day is a Holiday celebrated by the Irish to commemorate the Patron saint of their country. It is celebtared on the 17th of March The day is filled with church masses and celebrations. Though it may seem to be a drinking holiday in America it is not so in Ireland. This Is Dublin (Capital city of Ireland) on St. Pattrick's Day Sample Song The Irish have their own style of music that is best played on the fiddle, flute, and banjo. The best known Irish Instrument is known as the Uillean Pipes similar to the bagpipes. The Best Known musical Tradition is the Riverdance a form of tap Dancing shown here. Irish culture differs from American culture in that the mentality of the people is very kind and warming. People are happy to help anybody. I've witnessed them wrinting poems and singing songs to my Parents and siblings. Holidays St. Pattrick's day- Church Masses and celebration
Halloween-Similar to America, kids dress up and trick or treat for candy.
Christmas- Presents are gave and recieved, Candles are lit in the windows and holly is pinned to the doors. The Phrase Happy Christmas replaces Merry Christmas
Easter- It is a bigger holiday in Ireland than America though most of the same traditions are practiced such as coloring eggs and lenten sacrafice.(Giving up a favorite thing for 40 days of Lent.) Irish food is depicted to be based around 2 main elements, meat and potatos. Ireland's main farming product is potatos. Because of this there are many recipes that deal with potatos. Stews and soups are also common. Lamb is also a common ingridient. Pint of Guinness and lamb stew. The true Irish Dinner Credits By: Scott
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