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Welcome to the Machine

No description

Leah Chandler

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the Machine

"A new cyber revolution brought about by computer and the automated self-regulating machine will mean progressively less human labor. Cybernation is reorganizing the economic system."
that was from a memo...
warning that computers would eliminate millions of human jobs.
in 1964...

That was from a memo...
To LBJ...
It was wrong...then.
But over the last ten years, computers have begun
to displace workers in huge numbers.
Process information and execute rules.
What computers do...
...really, really fast.
What people do...
Make judgements...
kinda slow.
Computers...speed, accuracy,
computational, rule-based.
People...flexible, complex, team-oriented, judgment.
What does this mean for jobs?
Fresh Thinking Alert!
It's not so much China taking our jobs...
as Apple.
If it can be made into a rule, it will be automated.
Flexibility, complexity, team-work and judgement all require education.
If it requires judgement, it will be human.
"For the foreseeable future, the challenge of "cybernation" is not mass unemployment but the need to educate many more young people for the jobs computers cannot do."
-Not LBJ 1964
Third Way 2013
So how are we doing on the education front?
7 out of 10 graduates from middle school will never earn a B.A.
400,000 college students drop-out every year.
4 out of 10 Freshmen at 4-year colleges will never earn a B.A.
For every dollar earned by a college graduate, college drop-outs earn 67 cents.
Umm, not great.
The Answer???
Dumber computers?
No, smarter people.
Modernize the teaching profession to make better teachers.
Change teaching college curriculum.
Pay for classroom performance
Change K-12 curriculum to reward creativity and collaboration.
Encourage on-line learning.
Construct a $10,000 college degree.
Don't fear the machine.
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