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International Business - OPEC

No description

Osama Baig

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of International Business - OPEC

Organization of Petroleum
Exporting Countries
By: Kyrollos Mikhail and Osama Baig
* OPEC was created and continued to grow to have control over natural resources of oil producing countries.
* Using oil as a means to expand their economies, countries in association with OPEC use the organization to further increase their revenues
* Through the cooperation of it's member countries and the help of other organizations it pursues to fulfill its goal by unifying the petroleum policies of its members and stabilize the oil market.
* Main purpose is to unify oil rich nations in terms of the petroleum market, as a result oil prices are stabilized and harmful fluctuations are prevented
* Provide a regular oil supply to consuming nations
* Through these high profit revenues, these countries can further invest in the petroleum industry, through means of technology, expansions and research
OPEC- Members
Saudi Arabia
United Arab

Key Facts:
* The countries involved in OPEC keep watch over the oil market and together decide weather to raise or lower the production of oil to stabilize prices and supply.
* OPEC members have control over an estimated 75% of the worlds proven crude oil reserves
* Out of the worlds total crude oil, OPEC member nations are responsible for providing 40% of it
* OPEC customers pay higher oil prices then its member nations
* OPEC practices are considered illegal in many nations. Ex: American anti-trust that prohibit dealings with Cartels.
* an international syndicate, combine, or trust formed especially to regulate prices and output in some field of business.
IPA- Internet Protection Alliance
Members of the IPA:
Organizing the Organization:
* The headquarters will be located in Geneva, Switzerland and the HQ's role is to make policies regarding cyber security.
* The key goal of this organization is to give internet users the freedom to be secure anytime and anywhere on the World Wide Web.
* The IPA is responsible for providing nations with safe and orderly access to the internet
* With the help of this organization, countries around the world can be united in protecting information and resources from the web
* Together can help detect spy surveillance agencies (NSA), and provide enhanced internet privacy
* Organization will help combat groups that choose to violate internet policies Such as privacy intrusions, Hacking, and Cyberterrorism
* Maintain and fund world-wide internet servers, and make sure everyone has equal access to the internet
* Help contribute to international law and revolutionize modern judicial system
Head Quarters
* Head Quarters for our organization will be located in Geneva Switzerland, due to its outlook on internet user rights and freedoms
* Switzerland has been known to provide asylum to individuals whom fight for internet usage rights, ex: Julian Assange
* Also serves as headquarters for other international organizations such as UN (United Nations) and Red Cross

Global Outlook
IPA, Are
* Uniting nations with the help of the internet, the world will better appreciated this vast resource and the information it provides
* As the use of internet grows, their will be an uprise in cyber terrorism and hacking, which will ultimately lead to the decay of privacy and freedom. With the help of the IPA, a steady supply of funds will help internet security
* With an Increase in government investments and a unified group consisting of diverse nations, the IPA will play an effective role in revolutionizing the modern internet
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