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Jimmy Tejcek

No description

Katrina Dye

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Jimmy Tejcek

Lakeside 2050:
History Classroom

I predict that the students will not have that much hands on activities or that they will not see the board.
I have created a revolutionary device. I foresee camera's in the top corners in the room that will shoot a holographic image in the middle of the room so then every one will see what the teacher is teaching. Holographic would be ubiquitous because it will be used so much.
Q: What about the computers battery charge? Can it run all the time or just for the school hours?
By Jimmy Tejcek
The camera's can also shoot images on it's own, so then if they are learning about an things that they did the students will be able to learn how to do it.
A Glimpse into the Future of Lakeside School District
When the students need to go on the internet it will take a while just to get their i-Pad or computer.
Sometimes it is a hassle to give out homework.
In the desks there will be a computer inside of it so when the students come in the classroom there will already be a computer waiting for them.
Then when its time to give out homework the teacher can just send it to the computers.
A: The computers will be able to charge when it turns off so then when you need to use it you just turn it on and it be charged and if it needs to charge while your using it it you can still plug it in to the wall for it to charge. It will be able to run for a long time but not forever so if someone is after school they will still be able to use it.
Since these things will be kind off new we would have to adapt to them.
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