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Oral presentation of Robert Frost

One of the most prolific early 20th century American poets

Damon Elrod

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Oral presentation of Robert Frost

Robert Frost
The American Bard Born in San Francisco, California March 26th 1874 He was 11 years old when his father died Robert Frost mother was a school teacher of scottish descent In his time he was raised in an affluent family and well educated
Frost was a teachers pet and despised by the other students His ability to taunt the other children with the use of the english language went unmatched and unchallenged One of the most prolific American poets of the 20th Century
by Damon Elrod Frost plague students with his mastery of English such as was with two brothers with poor hygene he so named Jack Plaque and Frankie Stankie The Childhood of Robert Frost began his first school experiences in San Francisco until the age of 11 After his father died Robert and his mother moved to New England He became interested in reading and writing poetry while in high school in Lawrence Massachusettes He attended Dartmouth College in 1892 and later Harvard but did not attain a degree After leaving school Frost floated around through many jobs, such as a teacher, a cobbler and editor for the Lawrence Sentinal Frost married in 1895 to Elinor Miriam White who was his primary inspiration for poetry until her death in 1938. Frost tragically lost his daughter when she died in 1934 Frost lost his son whom committed suicide in 1940 The whole of Frost life had been surrounded by tradegy which would be ambiguously written in and found deep within his poetry Robert Frost first published
work was
"My Butterfly: An Elegy"
on November 8th 1894 The poem is about the death of a butterfly, which is to say Ironically Frost would not
experience most of his tragedies of death until many years later
after he wrote the poem The Will
by Damon Elrod

Let those who would not suppose, make way for those who will
Later in his life Robert Frost poetry became well known and his works published, he was both universal and enigmatic in his poetry which he achieved with a down to earth approach using rhythms and vocabulary of ordinary speech The works of Robert Frost were largely drawn from his natural surroundings around the farms he lived on, his own life experiences, and human aspirations In 1961 Frost recited two of his own poems at the Inaugural commencement of formerPresident John F. Kennedy Robert Frost died January 29,1963
"He has bequeathed his nation a body of imperishable verse from which americans will forever gain joy and understanding"
-John F Kennedy Four time Pulitzer prize winner Dust of Snow
by Robert Frost

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued 3 minutes
by Damon Elrod

I feel it now, it is coming,
As I look to see the gentle night sky,
Where the clouds go forth and the moon is nigh
I can hear the wind as it pours through the trees
Reminescent of last winters death,
It brings life and leaves of green, swaying to the music of spring at last
How trivial it is to most and so precious to very few
As I lay here I wonder, will others know it too

I feel it now, it is coming,
That boundary dividing the human chasm
Though I cannot see it or hear its yearning
I can feel it, a breeze in the night that begs me to welcome
I wonder will it be fast or will it be slow
A window seen once and not given to know
There is no need to worry, for it is like a fell tare,
Ripping through the dark, not given to sight and not given to hear

I feel it now, it is coming,
And it is time that tells the story, the story of ones own heart
The Life it loves, the life it needs, when its broken and torn apart
Memories flood my eyes like a great falling rain
From that which gives life, and then takes it away
I thrust my heart forward into those who will never die
Forever, I live in them, to laugh, to love, and to cry

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