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Post War of 1812 & Monroe

No description

Scott Phillips

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Post War of 1812 & Monroe

Post-War of 1812
Hartford Convention
Nationalism vs.
Winners and Losers of War of 1812
Missouri Problem &
Adams-Onis Treaty
Monroe and the "Era of Good Feelings"
Monroe Doctrine
December 1814- Secret meeting for Federalists
Proposed amending the Constitution to limit power of South
Slaves don't count towards pop. in House of Reps.
2/3 vote in Congress to declare war
limit the president to 1 term
Federalists looked very unpatriotic!
Victory gave rise to
pride in one's country
War also showed
division among regions of a country (North vs. South/West)
Winners of the war=War Hawks
War Hawks favored trade and westward expansion
Losers=Native Americans
More land taken over
British no longer protects them
James Monroe (Dem-Rep)- Wins election of 1816 & 1820
Federalist Party collapses
"Era of Good Feelings"-
period of one-party government. No opposition!
1819-Missouri applied for statehood
Has slave pop.
Will it be "free" or "slave" state?
Northern states want to gradually free slaves in Missouri
Limits power of South
Southerners oppose
Southerns get more power (b/c of 3/5 Compromise)
1820, Missouri Compromise (by Henry Clay)
Maine becomes free state
Missouri becomes slave state
Southern boundary of Missouri would divide slave from free states
1816, Andrew Jackson invaded Spanish Florida
Declares himself commander of northern Florida
Executes 2 British men
Jackson had gone too far!
Monroe angry, wants to punish Jackson
John Quincy Adams (Sec. of State) negotiated with Spain
America gets Florida
US gives up any claims in Texas or Cuba
Several S. American countries declare independence from Spain
Monroe doesn't want Spain or France to take back these colonies
Monroe Doctrine
- Any attempt to interfere in the Western Hemisphere would be seen as an attack on the US
US would stay out of Europe
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