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Codes and Conventions of Crime films

No description

Megan Knights

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Codes and Conventions of Crime films

Codes and Conventions of Crime films
Codes and Conventions
Typical codes and conventions which may be found in British crime films are:
The consumption of alcohol and illegal substances
The use of weapons such as guns or knives
The main protagonist attending a party/rave
Police attempting to arrest/intimidate the main protagonist
The main protagonist is usually a male character who has had a hard-up bringing
They emphasise the struggles and difficulties faced by the characters
The main protagonist is usually a male character who has had a hard-up bringing and possibly has little money. Many British crime films portray the main protagonists family as uninterested in the protagonists life which is what leads them into disregarding the law.
The other characters are usually male and have the same up bringing as the protagonist; they are normally rude and outspoken and will challenge strangers in the street.
American crime films usually have a strong female character that the female audience can relate to, however British crime films have a lack of female influence in their films. In British crime films most women are portrayed as inferior to the male characters and get ordered around by most of the men.
In many British crime films they put emphasis on the realistic side of life. Most portray the characters as people with very little money, this consequently means that they do not wear expensive or nice clothing. In British crime films particularly, it is usually implied that the characters are 'chavs' who wear tracksuits and trainers the majority of the time.
British crime films focus on the harsh upbringing and lives which the characters have been through to try and make them relatable. The films also incorporate a lot of violence and drug crimes and portray the police and authority figures in a negative light.
Crime films
The definition of a crime film is:

Crime films are films which focus on the lives of
criminals. The stylistic approach to a crime film
varies from realistic portrayals of real-life criminal
figures, to the far-fetched
evil doings of imaginary arch-villains. Criminal acts
are almost always glorified in these movies.
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