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Goethe School Yard Brainstorming Event

No description

Stephanie Wichner Schubert

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Goethe School Yard Brainstorming Event

Goethe's Past Goethe's Future Community Input Existing
Conditions User Analysis Design Concepts Field Compaction
Sub-soil/top layer
Grading Impermeability
Heat Absorption
Lack of Definition
Circulation Blacktop Playground Surface Incongruities
Lack of Visual Cohesion, Stimulation
Heat Absorption
Graffiti Accessibility
Attractiveness Auxiliary Spaces Off-Site Connections More-than-Monkey-Bars Brain Storming Event Goethe School Friends of Goethe School Urban Habitat Chicago Existing Issues Community Solutions Next Steps Sustainability Analysis Water Heat Nutrients Community Input Existing Conditions "Drinking Fountains don't always work." Pursue Funding "I like that there IS a schoolyard! I would like it be safter." Mark your calendar: FOGS Fundraiser April, 1st @ Quenchers (at Fullterton and Western) "I really never to there. I always choose other playgrounds with more shade and nicer equipment." Arts
Gardens Establish a timeline
Possible phasing
Funding at stages "Lots of unusable spaces" Establish Partnerships Develop a Masterplan Activies Map User Analysis Community User: Sustainability Analysis "It matters to me because my students need a place to let go of academics and have fun!" "I would love to see the central courtyard usable by classes - create seating and a place to work. This is an excellent space to use as an outdoor classroom!" "A lot of things are starting to rip" "There is no shade. Kids site on the shadow of the dumpsters to keep cool." "A bridge that connects two play area's together and a tunnel." "The field needs grass." School Users: Trellis Alternate Plans Courtyard Community Possiblities
Forging Connections
Improving Green Corridors
Flood C at domestic level Overall Design Safety
Outdoor Teaching
Stormwater Management
Maintenance Activites Map Safety
Play Equipment
Gathering Space
Stormwater Management "I would like a clear path to the train." "I want the park to promote safe activities at all times." "I want tables and seating for spending a day at the park." "A jogging track." "A maze!" "A climbing wall." Design Concepts Next Steps "A safe and fun place that can be used for learning." and Sketches
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