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5 objects that represent me!

No description

Alessia Ulfe

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of 5 objects that represent me!

BY: Alessia Ulfe 5 objects that represent me The book represents my love for reading, I've
always been reading, and I just love it. It is the
excitementthat you get in reading that
makes it one of my favorite
hobbies. A book My iPod represent my love for music. Right now, I'm really into pop,
spanish pop, melodic-punk rock and indie.
Music is a way to get away from everything and it helps me
relax and concentrate. Sometimes lyrics express what you are
feeling at the moment, and that is just
awesome. iPod My bed represents how much I love sleeping. I sleep a lot,
when I have nothing to do on the weekends
I’ll just take a long,nice nap. The thing with
sleeping is that it allows
you to dream, and dreams are a lot of fun! My bed My phone is a way of being in constant contact with my friends and
thanks to it I can be talking or texting
them all day long. It represents a part of me that i
s always in contact with others and thanks to
it I can talk to them all day long. My phone :) The pool represents my passion for swimming and water. I’ve been
swimming since I
was 3 years old, and I just love it.
. Now, I swim whenever I have time because I'm
so loaded with work
but it is a nice way to relax. A pool THANK YOU
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