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No description

Chuthathip onsuwan

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of AMAZON

Executive summary
Strategic goals and object
To gain
25% market share after 1 year then take the lead after 1 and half year.
To expand

to Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippine every 1 year.
To be the strongest
online retailer in Southeast Asia after 5 years
Market analysis
- Company Description
Global import & Export management
- Mission statement

“To be earth’s most customer centric company;

to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy onlin

Product and service
is an online retailer site we enable millions of products to be sold by company and third parties across dozens of product categories which focus on selection, price and convenience.
Vietnam – Country File:
Capital city :
Official language:
Population :
88 million (2013
Area :
332,201 km2
Currency :
$358,889 billion (2013)

GDP per capital:
$4,001 (2013)

Following the explosion of the internet, the number of people using internet in Vietnam highly increase every year. In 2013, Vietnam have 88.8 million people with 37% of them are online user and stay in 7th in rank about number of online user in Asia and stay in number 3rd of Southeast Asia.
Competitor analysis
Consumer analysis
Following the report of Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2013, the popular product that Vietnamese people purchase online is clothes, shoes with 62%, next to that is technology, electronic product (35%), after that is household product with 32%.
Even online retailers company already exist for long but customer still not really sanctify about the quality of the service as well as they not feel safe when they make purchase.
SWOT analysis
1. Cost leadership strategy
2. Superior quality services and products
3. Strategic acquisitions
4. Economies of scale
5. High branding reputation

1. Only online presence
2. Selling at low margins
3. Have no any knowledge about Vietnam
4. Don’t have any supply chain

1. Online payment system
2. Release more its own brand products and services
3. Increase services and product portfolio through acquisitions
4. Open more online stores in other countries
5. Physical presence
6. Market don’t have any real strong competitor

1. Online security
2. Lawsuits
3. Strategic alliances
4. Legislation against tax avoidance
5. Regional low cost online retailers
6. Less knowledge in new country
7. Lazada know all about Vietnam elements
CHUTHATHIP ONSUWAN (Pear) 553290110-6
in vietnam
Market entry strategy
To looking for the way to get in to Vietnam market
, the best way is to buy or to be a partner with a Vietnam company because from them, we don’t need to build warehouse and they also have their own supply chain already.
Government policy
Vietnam right now is a strong developing country because they have a lot of preference to attract foreign companies.
Follow the policy from the government announcement, with the companies which invest in Vietnam, they won’t need to pay corporate income tax in first 4 year then, just pay haft of corporate income tax in next 9 years.
Action strategy
Vietnam is the country has the amount of people using Smartphone to access to the internet significant increase 278% (2 ranks in the world) and it still increase. So, Smartphone market will be the main place for us to promote and sale product.
Promotion strategy
Delivery strategy
is a government transportation company that has everything that we need; fast, low cost and it have service that helps us take money once the product delivery to the customer. So, with some storage place that we already have after bought vatgia.com and quick delivery service.
Payment strategy
- Vietnam is a country that has real high potential with all those potential data and I believe that this will work very well. But we still have some problem with low online user that access internet for online shopping. But I think once Amazon come to Vietnam, that consumer behavior will be change because Amazon is a huge company and it will affect a lot on consumer consumption in the future.
First because Vietnam is a country has huge potential in ASIAN with young population and the number of people using internet is 31 million (36% in total population). Second, we want to expand our international segment deeply in Asia, especially Southeast Asia very high potential region.
CHANANYA ARIYAPAT (Fern) 553290032-0
Amazon is a global e-commercial company where customer can sell and buy thing through Amazon retail website. Company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos in US. At that time, Amazon started with selling online book store. Later, Amazon was selling more products like DVDs, CDs, and MP3 downloads… and until now, they sell almost everything focus on selection, price and convenience.
Amazon current is the biggest online retailer in the world with online sale is $74.45 billion in 2013.
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