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Business plan

No description

Linh Lu

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Business plan

HALO investment, construction and providing cemetery service joint stock company.
Environment analysis
Corporate strategy
Business plan
Halo cemetery park

1. Trading name
HALO investment, construction and providing cemetery service joint stock company.
VND 1,000 billion

- Headquarter: Hanoi
- Location of cemetery:
Ba Vi district, Hanoi.
- Cemetery square: 17ha

Providing Hanoi metropolitan and the surrounding areas with many services for people to celebrate the life of the individual when it ends and for the living to gather social support to bring closure and move ahead with their lives.

In the short-term :
Mobilize capital from the investors.
Complete essential infrastructure to attract the attention of customers.
Approach the targeted market.
In the long-term :
Tie the company into the community of the living and develop positive associations.
Develop a strong position by creating unique and high standard services. These efforts will be supported by a publicity campaign in order to be the first in people's minds with this new category of cemetery services provider.
Serve the owner's interest in helping others and improving the community.

The mission of Halo is fulfilling customers' expectations which is supreme in our objectives, demands responsibility, accountability and commitment of highest order and providing new burial space and other services; orienting people towards a new image of cemetery and eliminate taboo notions or fear referring to the cemetery.

External analysis


The political and the legal environment provide our company with some advantages and requirements as well.
(Government decree 35/2008/NĐ-CP).


The Vietnam macroeconomic is developing. The GDP per capital is growing rapidly ( GDP per capital is USD 1,596 in 2012). The life standard is improved result in the spiritual life is more concerned.
On the other hand, public cemeteries are more and more degraded and the cemetery services are not diversified.



Forms of handling with human remains :
- Traditional internment : buried three years or more then reburied, without any environment protection method.
- Cremation
Status of cemetery and technical infrastructure 
All the examined cemeteries had no drainage system and water repellent treatment. In many cemeteries, internal road systems are almost none, also the lack of support facilities such as fences, the spirit, the site management, parking, water supply systems, etc.

Environment concern :
The cemetery environment is one of the most concerned problems of the investors and the society as well.

The Vietnamese consider the death ritual as one of the most important things in spirit life. Cemetery is a scared place that contain cultural, civilization of nation that is organized by a certain social order, with regulations about religion, custom and habits. . We need to consider cemetery as a part of nation’s architecture.

Industry development stage

Embryonic stage

Overview about the industry

Threat of new entrants

The growth of the industry is slow and standstill.

Existing companies in the sector are strategically expanding into new geographic market area.

Power of suppliers

Conduct strategic cooperation with some suppliers in raw materials to reduce supplying costs, improve the quality of materials and tighten cost saving for both parties.
Intensity of rivalry

Staging advertising battle.
Increasing customer guaranties or services.


Strategic group: closet competitors: An Lac Vien, Lac Hong Vien.


The customers can choose many kinds of ways to deal with the human remains with variety level of prices and quality.
Weight table for
external factors
The evaluation of resources and capabilities
Competitive advantages
We determine that the Halo’s competencies are :
● Diversified and unique services
● Great location, landscape and architecture
● Using high technology to provide the best services and protect the environment
● Understanding on culture and traditional rites

Weight table for internal factors
Tangible resources

Finance: stable capital and borrowing capacity

Physical resources:
A nice location is very important.
We invest extensive land with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. We also focus on the Feng Shui factors and the architecture.

High quality standard: follow strictly procedure in construction and use good quality material in order to make durable grave

Technological resources: Applying latest technology to provide unique cemetery services and to help protecting environment.

Intangible resource

Human resources:
Manager team are people who not only have knowledge of
management and finance to invest and construct cemetery but also have enthusiasm towards work and motivate employee.
Staff team are hard-working, creative and always enthusiastic to serve customers.

Innovation resources: We are always acquire and learn experiences and ready to innovate the services . We always try to understand to meet customer requirements for the services.

Design creativity

Research what customer needs and offer many options of design for customer to choose. We hire design team to create unique design.

Supply chain

Use the just-in-time inventory and establish long-term relationship with supplier. Cemeteries using materials such as brick, stone, gravel that are susceptible to mold so should use JIT technology. Reduce construction time.


Company understand Feng Shui, culture and customer needs to bring out the best advice to customers


Business level


Business level

Burial spaces
Pre burial services
Rites of spirit

High market segmentation approach
A different product is offered to a market segment
to determine which customers we should serve in this industry.

WHO (targeted customers)

Those who need high standard burial spaces
Targeted customers will be those who mostly are living Hanoi and nearby, have the high income

WHAT (Customers’ needs)

- Good location with convenient facilities.
- Good landscape
- High standard services after the interment
- Meet other special requirements such as: spirit reasons, the social position, etc,.


Diversified products
Location, landscape and architecture

- Located in the West
-The grave’s architecture and the space surrounding will be modern and traditional.
-Including an artificial scream and some penjings and many green trees and flowers

- Meeting the Feng Shui requirements but also try to bring fresh air, beautiful sightseeing for the relatives and visitors.
-Divided into 5 areas (each area will include a hill)


Technology will specialize in solving water and soil contamination. The grave will be built following the “Kim Tinh” method, waterproofing technology. The bottom and 4 sides of the grave are built in bricks and cement , 20 centimeters thick. All the coffins will be heaped by the tea and the chemicals to deodorize, etc. We also strictly follow the procedure in construction and use good quality material in order to make durable graves.

Supply Chain

Just-in-time inventory and establish long-term relationship with supplier.
Faster Procedures 

All the referendums faster and more efficient. The land and the grave will be provided as soon as they need.

Attentive management services

Those who need a different way from interment. We determine that our targeted customers are also customers who have the high income

What (customer’s needs):

- Faster services
- Prefer the body to be returned quickly and cleanly to the elements
- Having environmental concerns
- Having a special way, which can help them to store the ashes of the relatives beside them.

Unique products


The cemetery will use the latest technology in cremation, for example, our company will use imported the crematory equipment from developed country; To offer unique services in this segment, we also use some special chemical or method, which are also imported from other country.

Location and spaces

We also provide the cremation services in the cemetery’s campus. So the location also very convenient to travel there to get the services. Our company will also offer the grave to store ashes like the interment services. The customer can choose to store the ashes in a box, which are placed in a modern building. So the customer can get all the convenience as the interment services.

Those who need pre- burial services for their relatives and want to have the best services for them .
Targeted customers are also customers who have the high income

-The relatives want the most well preparation for the dead before they leaving this world.
-They want the dead have the best thing in other world ( has the best casket, the best image, etc.)


Like other services, our company will also
use the differentiation strategy for this service. We will offer many special services such as “make- up” for the dead, and wash the body with scent liquid, etc. We will also to offer the best coffins with special design and other services as the customers’ requirements.


Those who are using the burial space of our cemetery.
The relatives of the dead are living far away or aboard.
Targeted customers are also customers who have the high income.


-We have a human resource, who have great knowledge on the Vietnamese traditional rites for the dead
-Provide the best rites of services. (memorial services, and other special events)
-Film all the process we make the rites and send to the customers.
-Carry out the rites online – the customers can easily watch what we do through internet.


The customer’s needs : Have the best traditional rites to the dead as they were living in the country.

Strategic alliances
Advantages of strategic alliances
Facilitates investment in specialized
assets: In order to create a meaningful
landscape, we need to buy unique
statue representing for a specificmeanings.
Just-in-time inventory systems:
Integrating with tombs suppliers enables us the ability to
response specific order quickly. Moreover, tropical weather in Vietnam depreciate our inventory.

Disadvantages of strategic alliances
Loss of control: The business that we team up with is going to want at least some control of the product demand and leads to potential alliances fall apart. To overcome this difficulty, it is vital that we enter into a written agreement when entering a strategic alliance

Reduce price of input

Control the quality of input so that
final products are more durable and suit with unique customer’s order

develop long-term relation because
our products take a long time to
be sold

Horizontal integration
Achieve the competitive advantages from larger size and scope of operation
Opportunity to serve a number of new, complement areas, while enable us to capitalize on significant synergies and operational efficiency.

Advantages of
Horizontal integration
Reduces rivalry within the industry
Increasing bargaining power over
suppliers and buyers.
Apply successful approach in solving water ground contamination. This action strengthens our brand and allow us charge a higher price as well as boost demand of our products.

Disadvantages of
Horizontal integration
Overestimate the benefits and underestimate
the problems:The pollution in these cemeteries may be serious that requires a huge investment in environment protection and can results in reducing value of our company.

Functional Strategy
Marketting Strategy
Our company will carry out the marketing strategy following some rules:
Market research:
We carry out the market research to understand deeply the needs of the customers and catch up with the customers’ trends.
Official website of the company
Seminars , organizing cemetery tours
Concentrating on consultant services
for potential customers.

Financial Strategy
From the owners

Get loan from bank

Capital contribution from

Main sources of funding
Message from

After analyzing the macro-environment, industry environment, and our orientation and objects of our future business plan. We has determined our competencies and the strategies to develop the business entity. We believe that these strategies will work out in reality.

We hope that the establishment of HALO will contribute a great effort in resolving the lack of high standard cemetery services of Hanoi in particular and surrounding areas in general. HALO will not only focus on profit but also try to have a great effect on the customs of Vietnamese in dealing with human remains. HALO also ensures that we will operate well to protect the environment

We, the co founders of HALO company believe that we can success and gain profit in this plan. We hope that the authority and the citizens will support this plan and the investors, the banks will realize the feasibility of this project and consider to invest in .
Sincerely yours
Co founders

Thanks for listenning!
2. Capital
3. Location
4. Aims of the company

5. Objectives of the company

Meet current and future needs in respect
of burial options, while providing accessible green space and encouraging biodiversity and sustainable environmental practices.

Provide a supportive and inclusive service that fully reflects the religion and culture of the area and supports the wellbeing of the bereaved.
7. Vision
6. Mission
Cemetery services industry is “the industry which includes
establishments that operate sites or structures reserved for the interment of human or animal remains. The industry also includes companies that offer cremation services.
Type of cemetery in Vietnam :


Services in Vietnamese cemetery
Almost the cemeteries do not have cemetery services. Every task related to the graves has to been done by the owners. Only some cemeteries provide some set of services but they are not diversified do not meet the needs of almost customers.

" Death is not the end but is the final stage of one life to be transfered into another."
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