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8th Grade Math EOG Review

No description

Amanda Davidson

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of 8th Grade Math EOG Review

8th Grade Math EOG Goal 1 : Real Numbers Which of the following numbers is irrational?
a. 2/3
b. -8
c. pi
d. 4.5 Square root of 88 falls between which two numbers:
A. 8 and 9
B. 9 and 10
C. 7 and 8
D. 10 and 11 Goal 2: Measurement The dimensions of a square are doubled. How is the area affected?
a. Area is doubled
b. Area is quadrupled
c. Area is tripled
d. Area stays the same If a cone has a radius of 3 and a height of 8, how is the volume affected if all of the dimensions are tripled?
a. Volume will be doubled
b. Volume will be tripled
c. Volume will be 9 times larger
d. Volume will be 27 times larger If (4,-8) is dilated using a scale factor of 4, what would be the new coordinate?
a. (1,-2)
b. (-8, 4)
c. (16, -32)
d. (4, -8) Goal 3: Geometry A tree has a height of 15 feet and casts a shadow of 32 feet. Approximately how tall is a house that casts a shadow of 20 feet?
a. 9 feet
b. 43 feet
c. 10 feet
d. 42 feet The volume of a cube is 1728. What is the length of each side?
a. 432
b. 41.5
c. 216
d. 12 A building that is 50 feet high has a ladder that is 80 feet long leaning against it. Approximately how far away is the base of the ladder from the base of the building?
a. 62 feet
b. 94 feet
c. 3900 feet
d. 8900 feet If Chris travels 9 miles east and 12 miles south to get to the mall, how many miles does he save if he goes straight back home instead of going the way he came?
a. 15 miles
b. 21 miles
c. 6 miles
d. 36 miles Goal 4: Data Analysis What type of correlation is produced in the following situation:
number of people in a family and the grocery bill
a. Positive correlation
b. Negative correlation
c. No correlation
d. Constant correlation Cathy wants to find out what is the favorite song of the 8th grade class. Which sampling would produce unbiased results?
a. Asking all of the students in Chorus
b. Asking all of the bus riders
c. Asking randomly chosen students from Band
d. Asking randomly chosen students from each homeroom. Goal 5: Algebra What is the slope of the line that passes through (-1, -9) and (2, -3)?
a. 1/2
b. 4
c. -12
d. 2 What is the slope of a line that passes through (4, 3) and (4, 5)?
a. undefined
b. 0
c. 1
d. -1 What is the slope of 3x + 2y = 12?
a. 2/3
b. -3/2
c. 3/2
d. 6 What is the y-intercept of the following equation:
x - 3y = -9
a. 1/3
b. 3
c. -9
d. -3 What is the equation of the line with a slope of 2 and passes through (-4,3)?
a. y = 2x +11
b. y = 2x - 10
c. y = 3x + 11
d. y = -4x - 10 What is the equation of the line that passes through (6, 2) and (4, -5)?
a. y = -3/2x +11
b. y = 7/2x - 1
c. y = -3/2 x +1
d. y = 7/2 x -19 What is the solution to the following equation:
3x - 2(4x + 5) = 8x +16
a. -2
b. 2
c. 0
d. No solution What is the solution to the following inequality:
8x > 10x - 22
a. x > 11
b. x < 11
c. x > -11
d. x < -11
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