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Mobile App for Managers

KPI Dashboard

Abigail Gatt

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Mobile App for Managers

See your performance...
Real Time! We've been working hard behind the scenes to make sure the most popular KPIs are displayed on the home page and updated in real-time! It's like you never left... Favourites For Managers ClubWise Mobile Application Fed up of just seeing numbers? View your data in a graph and see how you're doing against target. Easily set targets at any time... Description Questions? Please feel free to ask any outstanding questions you may have. When you can't be on site
your eye can be... Visibility at your fingertips... Log In Log in using the same details as your normal bureau account - no additional set up required! Add your favourite KPIs!
Edit your favourites depending on what is most important to you. Separate Log In details differentiate individual access rights to the KPI's of particular clubs Graphical representation So now you know what the number means...
But how did the system come to that conclusion?
Tap into Formula to see. Club owners, managers and franchisees are increasingly required off site, while still needing to know what's going on at the club. Multiple sites? No problem! Easily switch between the clubs you want to keep an eye on. Access vital KPIs at any time Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Apple iPhone4, iPhone5 and iPad. Tap into more information... Tap the numbers on any of your dashboards to see your target (yellow) and your gap (green) See how each club ranks against the others, and how they are looking against target... Not sure exactly what a number is representing?
Tap into description to see an explanation.
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