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SL8 -2013


Fred Biggar

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of SL8 -2013

Connected @ AISJ The Program Digital Citizenship
Internet Safety
Privacy & Security
Relationships and Communication
Cyber Bullying
Digital Footprint & Reputation
Self Image and Identity
Information Literacy
Creative Credit and Copyright Included in tuition
Insured by school
Belongs to school, may have to hand in
School software is installed
Repairs and replacements of stolen, lost, damaged leased laptops by AISJ only
Expected to bring each day, charged Balance The Connected Classroom The machines are great tools for differentiation, integration and inquiry
We will need to use on line accounts eg MS / Google
Upgraded wireless, internet, other hardware. Digital Citizens The Machine Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro
Windows 8, Touch Screen
Full PC Experience
USB, MicroSD, Wifi, HDMI
Intel Core i5 "Young learners today have the world at their fingertips in ways that were unimaginable just a generation ago. World renowned lectures, a symphony of voices and opinions, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities are all a click away.

Youth can not only access a wealth of knowledge online, they can also be makers, creators, participants and doers engaged in active and self-directed inquiry."

Connected Learning Research Network, supported by the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Initiative. 3 Documents Digital Citizenship Agreement
Slate PC Loan Agreement
Slate PC Terms of Use Usage Printing
Batteries and charging
Screensavers and wallpaper
Slate needs to be in a backpack or carrying case/in protective sleeves when walking
Music, games, or programsDeleting files/installing programs
Internet at home Links AISJ 1-to-1 Website http://tw.aisj-jhb.com/1to1

Middle School Blog http://tw.aisj-jhb.com/ms

Grade 8 Blog http://tw.aisj-jhb.com/msgrade8

Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum
http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/curriculum Connected & Independent
Learners Learning is a process of construction driven by a desire to make meaning.
Independent learners have the skills, desire and motivation to learn outside and beyond the school environment.
Connected learning allows students to pursue personal interests and passions with the support of friends and caring adults and to link this to career success and civic engagement. 3) I have the right to submit digital artifacts that prove my understanding of a subject, regardless of whether or not my teacher knows what they are. Just because you have never heard of Prezi, Voki, or Glogster, doesn’t mean that I should not be able to use these tools to prove to you that I understand what you are teaching me. http://www.samsung.com/global/ativ/ativ_pc_pro.html fbiggar@aisj-jhb.com
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