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Migration of Jews To Palestine in the 20th century

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Cristian Martinez

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Migration of Jews To Palestine in the 20th century

By: Ailyn Zamora
Ashley Briseno
Cristian Martinez
Destinee Ayon Migration
of Jews The Migration of the Jews started in 1200 when they were expelled from England, France, and Central Europe. Later on they migrated again in 1492 when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expelled them from Spain. When did the
migration occur? Push and Pull
Factors Where did it start
and where did it end? Why did they migrate? Push Factor-
One Push factor was when king Ferdinand and queen Isabella expelled all jewish people living in Spain
another push factor was when the Russians were killing jews, so the Jews fled to Palestine.
Another push factor was when the Jewish people fled Palestine to avoid religious persecution. Challenges A french army officer
was accused of treason against the government, he was put in prison for five years. Then he was tried again after he got out Arabs were against European
jews migrating to Palestine. This migration started in Palestine then to Europe. In the 1200's the jews
were kicked out of Central Europe,
France, and England. They migrated back to Palestine however most went to Russia, eastern Europe, and Poland. When they were kicked out of Spain most of the went to Palestine. For over 800 years many Europeans have been prejudice of Jews otherwise known as anti-semitism. To escape these kinds of cruelties such as the Holocaust Jew moved to Palestine for religious freedom. Pull factors
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