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Justine Rodriguez

on 15 January 2013

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Creation and Afterlife The Naba Zid-Wende is a creation story that was originated by the Mossi people. The Mossi people are a tribe from Burkina Faso in West Africa. They believe in super natural spirits that control the weather, disease, and the well being of people. The Naba Zid-Wendé In the beginning there was no Earth, day or, or even time. The kingdom of Everlasting Truth was that existed, which was ruled byThe Naba Zid-Wendé. Naba made the earth, day, and night. TO make the day busy he made the sun, and the night to be of rest he made the moon. In doing this he made time itself. The Naba Zid-Wende The Humans Finally the Naba Zid-Wende made the humans. they made them very black, because it's a strong color. They wanted to make them different from the sun, which is red, and different from the moon which is white. Then they blew a sould into the humans that they made.
The smile at their human creations became the sky, and they hung it low so the humans could reach it and eat it for their food. Then came the stars in the sky along with many other wonderful things for their humans The humans started becoming arrogant and suspicious, and began to claim the Naba Zid-Wende had hidden something valueable under the mountains. The humans had dug under the mountains but only found a leper living under there, so they let the leper go free from his subterranean prison. The leper however, was really the fire that was put into the Earth and who resented the Naba Zid-Wende and was jealous of the human creations. The fire burned the sky. THe sky withdrew in pain, and all the way past the sky back to The Kingdom of Everlasting Truth. At first the earth was covered with fire, so the Naba Zid-Wende blew on it to cool it off. They then ordered the fire to live inside the Earth, so it would be safe for the people they were going to make. Only very resentfully did the fire go into the Earth. made a chameleon to see if the Earth's outer crust would hold it up. When it did, they made snake to see if the Earth was cool enough to live on. When the snakes did not complain about their bellies, the Naba Zid-wende made the largest animals, like the elepahnt, rhinoceros, and the buffalo. When they saw the Earth could hold them up as well, they decided the Earth was strong and cool enough. Arrogance In result The humans could no longer eat from the sky. Nonetheless, the Naba Zid-Wende made the clouds, rivers, and streams to make to Earth wet. They they made plant to provide food for the humans and trees that produced fruit for them. THey also made flowers with scents to provide the smell of life However the humans multiplied more and more arrogant. In order to was away their arrogance, the Naba Zid-Wende made an huge blue lake in which they could bathe. The peopl were too busy to bathe in the lake, and the evil fire had time to throw envy and hatred into the lake.
Only when the Naba Zid-Wende sent the sun to dry up the lake, did the people decide to go bathe in it. The First Group that bathe in the waters of hatred and division came out white from head to toe. The second came out yellow from head to two, and the third came out copper red. By the time the third group went in there very little water left, from the suns efforts to dry it up, so they could only wash their hand and feet. They all came out with soles and palms of white, yellow and red, but their boddies were still black. Later the Naba Zid-Wende came to see what the humans had created, while sculpting one last animal. All of the animals celebrated of the coming of the Naba Zid-Wende, but the humans were too busy dividing up the land and enslaving each other to notice. This saddened the Naba Zid-wende, and forgot about their last creation they were working on. Until the it cried to be given a head, legs, and a tail. Sadly, the Naba Zid-Wende finished with their lump of clay, and this is how the turtle got its shape Egyptian After life Ancient egyptian believed in over 3000 gods. Three of their main gods was Ra, the sun god, Osiris, god of the underworl, and Anubis the god of the dead. They also believed each peron had three souls, the Ba, the Akhu, and the Ka. The Story of Osiris Osiris was the sole ruler of Egypt. He and his sister, who was also his wife, ruled the kingdom together. The two cherished the the people of the kingdom and tught them how to farm, tend to their crops, how to live peacefully, and the laws of the land. Osiris was loved by the people of Egypt and his brother, Set, envied him because of this and wanted to kill him. He came up with a plan to make a beautiful chest of gold and the finest wood and materials, and whoever could fit inside would be able to keep it. Seth got the exact measurements of His brother so he'd fit right inside. Osiris marveled at the chest, laid inside it, and fit perfectly. He claimed the chest belonged to him. "IT IS YOURS INDEED AND SHALL BE YOURS FOREVER !", Seth yelled before slamming the chest and nailing it shut, and threw the chest into the nile river. The goddess Isis was hearbroken and went searching for him. She finally found him on an island and brought him home for a proper Egytian burial. The evil Seth would not allow this and cut his brother into !4 peices and scattered them around the land. Once again Isis went out to search for her husband, but could only find 13 pieces. Still she binded them together. Revenge Osiris had returned to train his son Horus to avenge Seth and take back the throne. The two battled many times, until they both ended up dying in the final battle.
Because neither were victorious, the Egyptians believed that the two will fight again some day, Where Horus will finally defeat Seth. They also believed that after that battle Osiris will rise from the dead, return to earth, and make a final judgement of his people. Those faithful to him will be sent on a journey to the afterlife.
If you make it through the dangerous journey, You will be sent to the Hall of Judgement. Once there, you'll see Osiris who will announce all of your sins to you and you will have to have an explanation as to why you committed them. You will be judged by those explanations and if worthy, sent to the final stage.
In the final stage you will see Anubis, and a scale. Your heart will be placed on side, and the feather of truth on the other.If your heart outweighs the feather, Anbuis will eat your heart and you will cease to exist, and if your heart is good and balances with the feather you will be with Osiris in a paradise known as the Field of Reeds. Afterlife In the final stage you will see Anubis, and a scale. Your heart will be placed on side, and the feather of truth on the other.If your heart outweighs the feather, Anbuis will eat your heart and you will cease to exist, and if your heart is good and balances with the feather you will be with Osiris in a paradise known as the Field of Reeds.
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