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1st session Arduin


amr wasfy

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of 1st session Arduin

Arduino means
brain to human
Analog to digital convert (ADC)
Digital to analog Converter (DAC)
EEPROM and flash memory
Interrupt controller
Digital & basic electronics
Digital and analog :
digital is ON or OFF ( HIGH or LOW)
on case represents 5v and off is 0v
in most cases
for analog signal it is infinite number of
voltage levels
sampling is to be done to an analog signal
to be represented as a digital signal
R-2R is a basic method for getting analog output from digital output
digital gates
understanding truth table

the first thing you need to know
what certain input you need for a
certain output
ex: if you want your output to the system
be the same as your input ?
basic electronics
Ohm's law states
V= I * R
P=V * I =V^2/R = I^2 *R
in case of logic level voltage
5v we want to limit current by
20 mA so R = ??
Pull up and pull down resistor:
resistor can be 10k as a value
pull up/down resistors can prevent
floating for inputs and outputs
we mostly "pull down" " inputs "
lets try pull down resistor our 1st input
voltage devider :
Vout= Vin*(R2/(R1+R2)
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Electric components :
voltage regulator
7805: 5 v
Lets talk about design phase
Arduino is our awesome brain, but can it do all ALONE?
of course no like a human ,your system needs tools (drives , sensors,motor and indicators )
and the awesome "code" for the behavior of the Arduino and how it all connects all these tools together
consider fan (12v) we want to open and close it through pc. we will notice 12 is above 5v and we cant drive it directly from Arduino so we found out we need a driver it gets orders from Arduino the brain then let 12v supply power the fan
so we need to write a code for the behavior of arduino to understand that when i tell it from pc to operate the fan ....
Arduino coding
Thebest of arduino is the arduino code
easy out of the complication of other microcontrollers the coding is based on C/C++ language its more likely to be arduino language

code structure
// is used for commenting in one line
/* your comment here */
//comment does not effect the code
Arduino does not see it
you will notice they change color
constants make code more readable
our 1st arduino
code using millis
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